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  1. Thought I would add this as a reference for the orginal Hour Glass designation of the 7Th Division. This is from the book HISTORY of the SEVENTH DIVISION 1917-1919 Copyright 7TH Division Officers Association 1927.
  2. It is not against the law to have. It is against the law to sell, trade, copy etc. in the US. If you had one, your options are to keep it or give it away. If you want to sell it, do it while you are on vacation in another country.
  3. Pictures of the USS Newport News a few days after the explosion of #2 turret from the USS Bainbridge.(about October 5th, 1972) USS Bainbridge passed to Render Honors for the lost crew members.
  4. Safest way would be to try and steam them loose. If it works no damage to either the Photos or the pages. Since its an old photo album and the pictures didn't already come loose, I wouldn't know what they used for glue that would work that well.
  5. If you are talking about military issue there may be no correct time. When I got out of the Navy in 1975 you could wear patent leather shoes for liberty or standing watches, but my command did not allow them for inspections. They did not come issued.
  6. I got mine in 1971 at the Long Beach Naval Base. Originally they were plated or copper. No distinction between POW or MIA. The copper ones were supposed to have therapeutic properties. Click on the link to read history of the originals: http://www.miafacts.org/bracelets.htm This site has been posted earlier and is a safe link.
  7. In the early 1970s the ship I was on had original 1911s for standing security watches and boarding parties. We also had BARs and M14s for boarding party use. Navy ships apparently got hand me downs from the Marines. At least that what we thought. I would venture that original 1911s could have been issued in country. For collecting purposes I am not sure what the time frame covered would be. If you were to include Navy Swift boat crews then I would feel confident that they were in country.
  8. At the last VFW National Convention (in 2006) I attended there was a hand count of veterans from different actions, while not the majority the largest percentage present were Vietnam Veterans. (as am I) Also present, Granada, Somalia, Desert Storm, Korea, WWII etc. Vietnam veterans were not excluded from membership "for losing the war". By the time Vietnam ended they were eligible, the problem was the membership had to vote a change to it's by-laws that stated membership had to be a veteran of a foreign war to read overseas hostilities. Then it had to be approved by Congress as the VFW and Ame
  9. First The VFW and the American Legion are not political organizations and do not endorse candidates. If you speak to a members on political subjects their opinions are their own. That does not mean their official representatives cannot speak to politicians on non partisan legislation dealing with veterans issues. Both the American Legion and VFW along with other veterans organization have worked hard to promote and get passed the new GI Bill for the 21st Century. Both presidential candidates were invited to speak at the last VFW convention and did so. Second the VFW and The American
  10. bigredone quote, Obviously he knows nothing about Veterans Organisations or has no desire to learn. As a life member of both the VFW and American Legion what would be wrong if the Post membership wanted to name their Post after Janis Joplin or Jimmy Hendrix it's their Post. I do not believe any part of his garbage is true but it can easily be researched by going to the organizations web sites. Posts names and locations are available at these sites. While otherwise eligible veterans who have been convicted of crimes can be excluded from membership, it is up to the Post membership to vote wheth
  11. The Military Order of Cooties is still an active organization within the VFW. The Cooties are a some what irreverent group that does not take it's self to seriously except in the primary area of the support they provide. They primarily deal with support of veterans in VA Hospitals, or veterans in rehabs. While the VFW is active in all aspects dealing with veterans the cooties primary concern is more like one on one support for veterans. Irreverent in that when a Cootie State commander or the Cootie National commander is ushered in to speak at convention he is loudly and soundly booed, the
  12. Not sure of your time of service or when. My Grandfather got his discharge when he left the Army after WWI with about one year of service. Vietnam era Veterans even if drafted would not get their Discharge until their military obligation was up. This was 6 years. So drafted for 2 years would get separation papers and then 4 years inactive reserves followed by Discharge. If they couldn't find you to mail it, you didn't get it. You should be able to go online to NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) and get it. I was 6 years active so I got my Discharge when I left. Maybe some current
  13. Pretty common for in port brow watch. Messenger of the watch to wear just the belt. Petty officer of the watch and security watches would have the belt with holster. Armed ship board watches were serious and we were not trained as police polite. Our joke was to practise yelling HALT,HALT and then Bang. We could get the two halts yelled by the time the gun cleared the holster. In the late 60's early 70's no warning shot was to be fired, probably still that way. Should be aware that up until sometime after I got out in the mid 70's the Navy did not have a Shore Patrol rate. SPs where suppli
  14. I worked for the special effects company the did "We were Soldiers". We made a lot of molded versions of SKS, AK47s, M16s and M60s. Depending on the scenes they would be made from different materials. Foam for scenes where actor had to throw the rifle in the air when being blown up or possibly fall on them. Hard resin for closer action shots. (these actually weighed more then the real thing). Hard resin with foam butts when used to fake a hit on a combatant. Plastic replicas with working bolt actions for close ups. Real weapons for shooting blanks were used of course. Extras an
  15. As a Vietnam Veteran (Navy) I see no problem with the promotion. "It is much ado about nothing'. General public awareness of what our service people accomplish is pretty much nonexistent. If this brings more awareness to our military that would be a good thing. It sure would be better than the way are service members were treated after serving in Vietnam. I have my grandfather's 7th Division patch from WWI and my uncle's 1st Calvary patch. I am proud of their service and mine, As far as protesters wearing insignia during demonstrations it really shows how ignorant they can be. I t
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