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  1. Did this organization have a DUI or any kind of specific insignia or emblem during it's existence ?
  2. Posted in the wrong forum sorry ;( , could someone please move to the correct one ?
  3. I am looking for 1 or 2 of the Soviet SMLM cards provided to service members station in West Germany . Any era would be great 60's, 70's, 80's. Thank's for looking Robert
  4. Thanks a bunch ! Will try and check that title out !
  5. Thank you to everyone for the replies and the info ! I recently came across a M17 carrying bag marked solely as M17 and not M17A1 I am guessing this is probably an early manufactured one ? RJ
  6. rje71

    Beret Flash ID ?

    How long have they been using this flash ?
  7. rje71

    Beret Flash ID ?

    Tonomachi , Thank You !! I didn't look at it right, I was wrong it has the 3 tick/has marks on it ! That would explain why I wasn't able to find the one I thought it was Thank You Again ! RJ
  8. Picked up a Maroon Beret today with a flash I am not able to identify. Blue Border, White Inner Border, Red Center ... Looks like the 82nd Airborne Flash in reverse .. Any ideas ? RJ
  9. Av8r & WWI Parachutist, Thank you for the info that is exactly what I was hoping for !! Thank You ! I may have a few other questions as well ..
  10. Apologies if this isn't the correct forum, but I didn't think it specifically fit into the aviation threads just because it was a parachute.. I have a few questions regarding the T10 and its associated equipment, I have a mid 70's T-10B canopy ( has the anti inversion net ) that I want to display at an upcoming function we are having the end of July. It is complete down to the risers and not cut and has the quick release . If I display it not showing the inversion net I think it could still pass for an early 70's T10.. Questions I have are : When did they stop using the ha
  11. aef1917, thanks for the reply !
  12. Was there a specific face shield produced for M1 helmet for use during riot control in the 60's and 70's ? RJ
  13. phantomphixer, I am sorry I didn't notice and reply back to this sooner ! Sorry ... The flotation cells appear to be heavier/thicker plastic bladders and are filled with something, but I only know this because there is a seam that needs to be resewn because it has come loose. But they are sewed into the vest itself and not removable. Hopefully as some point I will be able to find more about this And as best I can tell it is not something that has been altered. Maybe I will try and reach out to the USAF museum and see if they have any further insight ..
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