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  1. Thanks for doing this! I am not an expert in footwear, especially this period, but I agree that they may be private purchase? Hopefully someone better then me can chime in here. Thanks for the upload!!
  2. Great details on the Haversack!!!! Thanks for posting these incredible close ups!
  3. I totally agree with willysmb44. I have a DB 1889 campaign hat and its nothing like an original. To stiff, wrong "snowflake" design, the color is off, the sweatband is wrong. Not a good reproduction at all. I have an 1889 hat from What Price Glory and it is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( though the price will scare some off) . It is dead on though. I'd stay away from Db also. I do a Span Am impression for the local Memorial day parade, and yes, the repro gear is difficult to find. Bill
  4. WOW! Keep this history lesson coming. What these Marines went through during the end is beyond belief. Bill
  5. http://blockaderunner.com/ I to do a Span Am/ Philippine Americna war impression, and the repro gear is hard to come by. Bill
  6. All, In case you are interested, my father started, as a hobby, making Daguerreotype Cases after I had a wet-plate photograph done many years ago. He finally decided to start offering them to the general public. If you are looking for a good reproduction daguerreotype case for any wet-plate photo you may have, take a look at his website. It is pretty well made, and I am his worst critic!!!! Thanks! Here is his website: www.wefeanandsons.com Respectfully, Bill Fean
  7. Brent, Check out www.thetrenchline.com. It is a forum for WWI rennactors/living history groups. They do 2 events a year in Newville, Pa. They will put you in the right direction for sure. Bill
  8. Frankie Thanks for the info. I have no concrete proof, but my best guess is I think they ( early war) went over in the wool but when the kaki's came available, they got them. The jungle must have torn their clothes to shreds. My GG Grandfather was there from 1899 to 1901. I personally do not think they wore the wool fatigue blouses except for formal duties. I think they wore the 1883 Blue campaign shirt with first the blue wool trousers then recieved the kaki's when the wool gave out. Some good feedback coming!!! Bill Fean
  9. TS Thanks for the response. Looking at the black & white pictures, it is difficult (for me) to tell what trousers are being worn. I do not think the Blue wools were around all that long. Maybe when a unit first got over, but that jungle & sawgrass would have been hell. It seems to me that this era was the transition between the two types of trousers so both would have been around, it's just I am wondering what would have been prevalent. Heck, some of the units still had the trap-door Springfield's. Bill Fean
  10. Keith Thanks for the response. I have been on a few sties with many photos but like you said both were being used. Bill Fean
  11. I hate to be the one posing this type of question but here it is. I am looking for information on what type of trousers were worn by our forces in the Philippine American War ( mainly the 28th U.S. Volunteers). Were they still wearing the 1885 blue trousers or were 1898 kaki trousers in use. I have not been able to come up with concrete proof and I know that you good folks have forgotten more about uniforms then I'll ever know. My interest in this is because my G.G. Grandfather was in that regiment over there. Also someday when I get my own room in my house I'll post pics of my humble collection!! Thanks Bill
  12. Just to echo what the others said. Great post. It is nice to see what my Great-Grandfather was wearing. I am just wondering how common was the Marine Globe & Anchor device worn on the helmet? Bill Fean
  13. WOW!!! I love the first picture, all grainy and such. Looks very life-like. Cool set up. Bill Fean
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