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  1. This is the best shot I have at the moment, I could probably take a little clearer photo when I get home this evening.
  2. Thanks again. I guess another question I have is which dark outer visor would I need to pick up to complete the helmet? The 12/P mask or the 5/P mask? https://www.flighthelmet.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=FHL&Category_Code=V26P
  3. Were there any Navy/Marine airmen that might've used this setup, or was this strictly a USAF setup?
  4. Another question I have, is who may have used this? The stickers indicate US Army (1st Battallion, 101st Aviation Regiment, C Company "Paladins"), but I was under the impression that these would've only been used by USAF, Navy, and USMC.
  5. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. Regarding the liner, I see blue pads, is that what you're referring to?
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