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  1. Thank you all for the opinions and references! Glad to have found a good one!
  2. Unfortunately I dont have any info on the veteran. I just know it came out of Virginia which is not any help. I did a collage between my OP patch and the less wooly example you posted for comparison. The bottom of the N is the only real difference I can spot. Im not sure if that can be from the patch being on a uniform and the OP not having been on one? I circled the similarities in black and the difference in white. I appreciate you guys posting examples as reference
  3. The moth eaten veteran attributed example is one of the ones I looked closely at in comparison with mine. The thread coming off the end of the 2 to the 9 and the 9 to the T are identical. The second example matches the same thread between those numbers and letter and the same lettering with the leaning hook of the G. I think the example I have matches the second example you posted almost identically. Again, I completely agree that the example I have is in incredible shape and that alone with such a rare patch is a red flag.
  4. Of the very few originals i was able to see, this one shares a lot of the common characteristics with one of the only differences is the base of the start of the N. Do you happen to have any photos of the originals you know of so we can reference? I appreciate your input
  5. Hey everyone. I was recently able to purchase this 29th rangers patch that was found in Virginia. The colors are sharp and it does not appear to have ever been on a uniform. Researching the limited number of known originals, this shares the same black backing material and lettering as those examples along with matching font and size of type 1's. It does not glow under black light at all. Just curious to see what others think on this very seldom seen patch. Thanks and enjoy
  6. Just as a reference and follow up to this topic, Scott was able to look at them in hand and deemed them to be repros. Thanks to everyone who commented and Scott for his time. I’ll be marking these clearly inside as reproductions and keeping them as a lesson learned.
  7. thank you for your comments Dean. They helmets are getting shipped next week for Scott to check out in hand. If you would also like to see them, I’ll gladly send them your way after. I read the whole jkash thing but didn’t know you got taken by him. It’s a tough hobby with how good the fakes are getting. I just really want to make sure these are bad before i write them off. Costa, in the 09 thread it looks like the 3rd ID helmet was acquired and then attempted to be sold by estate man. I read on that post that he was a flagged person. Wether not he had a hand in making it or just acquired and
  8. Very well said and points well taken Pat. The reputation of the 3rd definitely precedes it and thus casts a shadow over both of the helmets now. I would be willing to send them to anyone willing to get a much closer look at them in hand just as a last measure to make sure. Either way i will be keeping them for a few reasons. One being that it will be a good reminder to myself that very good fakes are out there, and two that i wouldn’t want them to end up back for sale and ruining someone else’s day. I appreciate and respect everyone’s opinions here and want to thank everyone for their time sp
  9. That’s definitely the same helmet as the one i purchased. So this one is an easy green fake? I’m not out much on either of them.
  10. You can see the cork texture under the painted panels. The rusted spots dont have paint in them.
  11. The rust does not appear to be under the painted panels but only under flaked spots. It definitely had other helmets stacked on top of it and took the paint down to bare metal allowing the rust to start. I thought i had posted the pics of the magnification. Better late than never!
  12. Hey guys, Here are the two newest arrivals to the collection. The 1st ID is a fixed bail and is missing most of the rim. The 3rd ID is a front seam swivel bail and had a ton of bright red surface rust on it. I was able to carefully remove most of it and chose not to touch the 3rd ID panels at all. The bright red rust has left its mark on the panels as seen in the photos. I took some microscope pics of them so you can see them in detail and give opinions. The helmets both sat in a garage for some time and the 3rd was definitely exposed to water unfortunately. In hand it looks original, but I fi
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