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  1. Is yours on twill or wool? looks like an early one.
  2. I am not disagreeing with anything said here. But im really curious to know why an embroidery shop would test with random colors rather then the colors that are suppose to be used? After they change the colors wouldnt they have to test the tension anyways?
  3. picked this up at an estate in Brooklyn, nyc. I was told this is a naval signal flag, but it doesnt really look like any i can find on google. Anybody know what it is? edges are a very dark blue with a yellow center
  4. Recently picked this one up. If anyone has other naval police patches please post them!
  5. This one has an interesting story. Back in 2016 I picked up a huge patch collection from a closing surplus store. The entire collection was a mix of everything, military, police, etc.. It was mediocre at BEST. So at first glance I thought this was junk! Eventually I got around to looking it up and found out it was for the security agency field station in sinop, turkey. It doesnt really look us made so im guessing it was made over in turkey or japan. also beware, I have seen copies being sold. Are these rare? Ive been trying to find another but so far ive come up empty handed.
  6. I picked up a patch similar to the second one. it turned out to be for a local emt/fire deportment patch from the 1930's/
  7. The Velcro backed squadron patches can sometimes be worth a lot more then the same patch with out Velcro.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response tredhed. Even on the forum I couldnt find much info on the scrolls. I probably going to dig deep when asmic comes back online.
  9. What are your opinions on these. I couldn't find anything on the 8th co, looks like its theater made? the 13th ab looks korean made but according to Wikipedia the unit was stationed in Germany with the 43rd.
  10. It does look like it could be from the 50's or early 60's. Without unit history to pin it down its usually hard to tell the difference imho.
  11. let me know your opinions on this one. Im not sure if its real or fake. The back does look like a real mess and very odd .
  12. On the thread color subject, it is probably a mix of both. A lot of the subdued military thread colors are not the easiest to find unless you have a big operation going.
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