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  1. Thanks 29 Navy ran this guy earlier very close but doesn't fit two Kimbrough's with same name and rank but USN who Knew.... still on the search Thanks for your efforts
  2. doing some research on the oval artillery insignia under the rank I came across the CAC specialty qualification badges the one on the uniform is like the gun pointer badge in use from about 1908 until almost 1935. I could not find any reference to it being a standard field artillery awarded badge. so a beginning but not a definitive answer .I have been trying to paste into this post from a word document with out any luck. But The CAC used these types of insignia not sure as I said how it relates to this uniform unless it was a short lived reg. from post WWI
  3. Thanks for all your input on this. There are Kimbrough's in the Muncie Indiana area whre this uniform came from but none seem to match there are some in the Washington state area as well but no match or possible connection sooooo the search continues
  4. Thanks I keep running into a dead end on this
  5. thanks but I already had him and he would be too young appreciate the hit,
  6. forgot to add.. any help in researching his history would be appreciated
  7. I have had this WWII US Navy lt.(jg) tunic for a number of years and just now got around to trying to research the ID His name in the pocket is H. M. Kimbrough. . His ribbon bar includes American Campaign, Asiatic-Pacific ( with 3 bronze and 1 silver campaign stars for 8 campaigns and a Philippine liberation with two stars. Since this is the aviator's green tunic it does show some evidence of a set of pin back wings. I have searched ancestry and fold 3 and came up with a Houston Kimbrough Lt. Jg but he was on CVE 59 which did not serve in the pacific. (ribbons are original to uniform)
  8. Here is a khaki shirt for a corporal (shirt is late war or just post war the flash is for the 76th Airborne tank bn. other than a D and 4 digit laundry mark not history is known on this shirt Just today3-31-2018 I just bought at an estate auction a large grouping of a gentleman who was at Ft. Campbell KY with the 11th from 1953-1955. uniforms are patched and have collar insignia. have dog tags and much more. I have known him for many years He was in the 710th tank bn. during that time. not sure how to get photo to post size file too large will try to resize
  9. I have a similar jerkin in my collection. I have a photo of a group of vehicle drivers from the 33rd division wearing them in France. I will have to do some digging to find which photo binder it is in.
  10. I Have the unit rosters for the 124th Will get to you this afternoon tried to call your earlier.
  11. I have several pairs like that as well no history but appear of the period still chasing their origin
  12. This is a WWI tunic that has been converted to civilian use. There are examples of this aroud but not many. This was a common practice in the 20's due to the depression. These are quite nice to have in a swords to plowshares collection and display. A good example of alternate use. Museum of the Soldier Staff.
  13. Update: Have a Boxer Rebbellion protrayer coming with an exhibit of origional items and a great British WWII medical reemnactor/historian group. The more the better.
  14. The Museum of the Soldier in Portland, Indiana would like to invite any living history/reenactor from any period for a one day set up at our military vehicle show and living history event which is held in conjunction with our BBQ chicken supper fund raiser. The date is October 20th We open at 10 AM and go until dark( about 700 people come begining at 3:00 PM for our chicken supper) Set up is static or walk around, we have coffee and donuts in the early AM, Chili at noon ( at no cost)and for those that stay late we have a comp ticket for the BBQ supper. If you are interested contact 260-729-7
  15. The Commander was from Greenville, Ohio and the Darke County Historical Museum ( Garste Museum) has his uniforms and amny artifacts from the Shenandoa. It has a great collection of Military history including Lowell Thomas and Lawernce of Araba's items from WWI period. worth the trip.
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