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  1. Suddenly We Didn't Want to Die by Elton E Mackin
  2. That's my guess...before he shipped out. I wonder if he made it back unscathed, Paramarines seemed to have a high casualty rate
  3. I have not shared much in awhile, mostly because I have had an incredibly slow year. I think I've only picked up a half dozen pieces in 2019...guess I'm getting very picky these days... My latest find is a portrait of "Frankie", a Paramarine taken in San Diego. I have wanted to find an original Paramarine studio portrait for a long time, and was fortunate enough to pick this one up. The seller tried to lift the matte up in look of an SSI, it's evident, and I don't believe the Marine is wearing one. Long pin of the wings is visible, and the Marine forgot to button his top button (!!!), but
  4. Eric, I just saw this, and am very sorry to hear about your loss. I knew your dad by reputation only, and of course your and my conversations, but it was a sterling reputation that will continue to survive for a long time within the USMC collecting community. Semper Fi, Mac
  5. I believe eBay only sends you a W2 if you bring in more than a certain amount...no idea what it is now, but last I checked (admittedly, years and years ago), it was $800. I have never received a W2 from eBay. But, yes, you are supposed to claim it on your taxes
  6. Maybe they were contracted samples/prototypes?
  7. It doesn't matter where the seller is, it's whether or not the buyer's registered location requires tax
  8. I think they were probably more souvenir than permitted for wear by USMC
  9. Great theater-made ranks. There were also ones painted in blue for the Army
  10. I don't see the issue. Most of us pay taxes at Walmart...it was inevitable we'd pay taxes online. It's still convenient for the seller, since the money is automatically routed to the government. Sure you need to file still, but at least your account isn't taking a hit quarterly like it does when you own a brick and mortar operation. I see that as a plus. Of course, I'm not happy about it much, either...but at the end of the day factor it into your max bid. Most of us include shipping costs in our max bids already, now factor in the taxes. Sure...at first we might get beat because other
  11. Here's a partial list of Norwegians who earned American awards I put together last year... Silver Star -Eriksen, Marius Legion of Merit -Askim, Per (Commander Grade) -Bauman, Axel (Officer Grade) -Berg, Ole (Office Grade) -Bergersen, Thorbjørn -Børresen, Paul -Bruun-Hansen, Haakon (Commander Grade) -Bull-Hansen, Fredrik Vilhelm (Commander Grade) -Danielsen, Edvard Christian -Gunderson, Ragnar (Officer Grade) -Heglund, Svein -Herlofson, Charles Oluf (Officer Grade) -Holm, Tor -Holte, Nils Johan -Klingenberg, Oscar (Officer Grade) -Lung, A. Roscher (Officer Grade) -Martens, Kaj (x3) -Mohr, W
  12. The Legion of Merit pretty much came about so that we'd have an award to present foreign commanders...hence why it also is the only US medal with different grades, and those grades are reflective of European award traditions (neck awards, pocket awards, etc) I have seen Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals awarded to Afghanis, for actions during joint actions, often for actions that resulted in the saving of American personnel's lives. Afghanistan doesn't have a particularly robust award system, so when we awarded one of them a medal, it was fairly common for them to never take it off
  13. It's an American made emblem...roller was added at some point
  14. I met an officer with the last name Cowherd recently...I can imagine OCS was rough for him and bet a paycheck they called him 'Coward'
  15. I can count on my hand how many pieces of trash I saw on a Marine Corps base not in the process of being picked up by a passing Marine...now there's a clean place. Heck, step over a cigarette butt on base and you'll have 3 people yelling at you for it
  16. I will say, the kickstarter strike looks way better than the eBay monster that started this thread Still don't think it will ever happen, even if the kickstarter is successful I think the US won't accept it unless the Iraqis distribute the first batch. And ironically, it won't be to US specs so we would all have to wait for the US strikes to hit the PX shelves before we can wear it.
  17. Great photos, Bob, thanks for adding them And that is a great story...funny how these things seem to reunite over time
  18. For longevity...the privately struck kickstarter variant
  19. The kickstarter changed the stripes from horizontal to vertical claiming that horizontal stripes are against Mil-Spec...but the USN/USMC PUC is horizontal so........
  20. https://taskandpurpose.com/iraq-commitment-medal-kickstarter-2639991583.amp.html
  21. Whiskey...tango...foxtrot... Stop teasing us and show us more of these photos! You're holding out on us Bob, and I need a feel-good moment after the past couple of days
  22. If he went from the front right to China, there's a good chance he didn't receive the ribbon right away.
  23. I'm leaning towards post-war, as well. Not uncommon for Marines not to wear SSI during and after WWII
  24. eBay allows sellers to reply to PMs with offers now, as well. If an item is auction format with an OBO option, if the item has a reserve the offer option will remain until the reserve is met. If no reserve, then first bid ends the OBO. eBay has decided to make a couple features for offers probably since so many backdoor deals were happening anyway completely off eBay. This probably helps them collect more fees since the backdoor off-site is less often done. Moral of the story, if you see an auction format with an OBO that interests you, throw in the opening bid at the starting price an
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