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  1. Always great to see this one. As I said over lunch, I think it might be a button on the collar, possibly cuff button.
  2. Whole lot of stock footage there That polar plunge looks familiar
  3. I'd say it's original, and was probably tied to something that identified the actual location. No reason to make fantasy pieces for something as mundane as a commencement ceremony. I think you have an original, interesting piece
  4. Can't believe I missed this one. Phenomenal image. I have a portrait of a bearded private in this uniform, but it is much less clear than this one
  5. I recall seeing this on Fleming's site...top portrait! I was watching it for awhile but never had the available funds
  6. eBay didn't create the tax changes, the government did. Every venue will be switching to it for states requiring online sales tax
  7. These are really neat pins, and the torpedoed pins actually sought after by many Norwegian collectors,as many Norwegians in exile during the war found their way into US and British merchant services.
  8. Could be WWI or WWII, I'm leaning towards WWII since it lacks the longitude lines. And yes, these were mostly seen hanging from Son in Service banner pins
  9. Every now and then we trip into some luck...great cover, better price
  10. Yes...left is WWII enlisted P1937...lucky to get ten bucks for them these days. The Ellis is scarce and sought after, it has a history of maintaining its finish this long...they are often found with that much intact. It was a popular emblem in its day and continues to be
  11. Saw that yesterday...but they automatically deduct it from the PayPal...I "received" an amount higher than it should have been with shipping, and when I checked PayPal it was already tagged as an eBay tax deduction from the total I actually received
  12. Another rare portrait, Eric, you are the king... Does the crate say USCG on it, that Rosemary is sitting upon?
  13. Brig

    MRE Pizza

    Yeah, we know..... the Air Force DFAC in Krgyzstan had a candy bar buffet rack and TGI Friday apps on Fridays...
  14. Brig

    MRE Pizza

    We found a stock of knock-off MREs in the back of a warehouse today...no idea how they got there, but they're rather...unique...lots of curry meals...LOTs of vegetarian meals...every accessory pack has a roll of Smarties...and they all have crackers, but ABSOLUTELY NO SPREADS...no cheese, no PB, no jelly...nothing...just dry crackers that don't make sense with the meals
  15. I believe the stack ended around $150-$200
  16. Very interesting USN stack mounted in Canadian/British style for some reason, sold on eBay a couple months back...
  17. A set that sold on eBay a month or two ago...
  18. Welcome to the forum, I have not met too many Swedish collectors of US military items
  19. Does he do modern ribbons? It seems they would make neat additions to shadow boxes for retirees...
  20. Phenomenal find...gotta love when things fall out between pages! I did not know about this early chapter of Vandegrift's career...very interesting tidbit, I bet you're right...the papers were found and a Butler thought it would be amusing to keep these items together...and now, together they make a great story!
  21. yes, a Runner with 5th Marines recollections, published 20 years after his death
  22. It's well known that Ira Hayes did try to speak up at the time about at least one misidentification (Harlon Block), and was pretty much told to keep his mouth shut at first, due to the fact the names had already been made public. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that the others brought it up and were similarly shushed, or saw the shushing Hayes received and just knew where it would go it they did. After the war, for the most part, the men left the photo behind them...not only was it representative of one of the worst parts of their lives, but the way they were paraded and forced to
  23. Correct, no cap emblems have ever been discovered, and I imagine they would have turned up by now it they existed Enlisted collar emblems existed, the continents were simply indented outlined on the globe, vice the officer separately applied ones. Enlisted are much scarcer.
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