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  1. I think it might be an old fake. Some early fakes were much better than today's swill and still had the open beak. Is that lower anchor fluke still attached to the globe?
  2. During WWII, so either type would be correct on WWII uniforms
  3. EGAs on home front aren't the best indicator of age as jewelry firms often were behind the times in patterns. That said, the emblem is very WWI-esque, but I would estimate the links around WWII
  4. The plastic coating just makes them look nice. Because it is a thick plastic coating, they retain their shape and slide easily onto bars, no folding down of edges or crimping required, so easy for uniform restoration projects. However, due to the thickness, holes for devices have to be pierced/bunched, devices don't just push on like with other ribbons. That said, they are overly glossy and from the portraits in my collection, I don't think they were as popular with service members then as they are with collectors now, which is probably why it seems far more unused stock is in circulation than constructed bars. Back then, troops wanted the cheapest ribbons, and they just pushed devices on. These were probably too much work for the average draftee who rarely wore them anyway. They'd probably be universally endorsed in today's military, where a crooked star will get you shredded by a 1stSgt I only use them in restorations if I have evidence the veteran did.
  5. My guess is no...far more Navajo served as regular Marines than Code Talkers. But there's no real way to know without names
  6. Saw the plate, didn't see the quote
  7. Well...what did the Gunny say? Got us on pins and needles I like how the plaque just says 'Well Done'
  8. The EGA is also post-WWII. WB made these in clutchback briefly between WWII and Korea
  9. 1941-43 time period, that is the only period the dual H&H and Imperial logos were used after H&H bought out Imperial
  10. I was at the Marine Corps Museum today promoting one of my Marines to SSgt and saw familiar reference book on the shelves of the gift shop...
  11. Lapel pins. Probably WWII era. I have several of these I've picked up over the years, some with enamel, and even a set of 10K Rifle/Pistol Distinguished Marksman badges
  12. Always love seeing this brought up...been hoping to stumble on one of these for years. And another Soochow, I should have never traded my last one
  13. Nevermind, forgot we steered off the tax topic into PayPal fee topic...
  14. If they're willing to commit tax fraud, why not mail fraud? Sending it delivery confirmation often costs as much, if not more, than the taxes on small items
  15. Until the seller pockets the money, claims they never received any letters, and files a non-paying bidder claim
  16. Just a reminder we do not allow outside photo hosting on the forum. Your links have been removed. Please feel free to directly upload the photos to the topic.
  17. I would use plastic mesh and felt inside a riker with a sawtooth hanger. You can clip the squares larger to fit the posts, I display all my EGAs this way... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/166547-turning-a-ryker-into-a-wall-mounted-display-case-ii/?hl=%2Bryker+%2Binto+%2Bwall
  18. Yes, yes, we know, we know...the horse has been kicked, decayed, and bones scattered Let's keep the discussion to the medals themselves
  19. Saw this on eBay a week or two ago...
  20. I don't think some people appreciate the gravity of this collection...it's chalk full of grail items. An original leatherneck, special dress bell crowns, a patrol jacket...and on, and on, and on... Absolutely fantastic...one could spend two lifetimes trying to amass that assortment
  21. At least any restrikes would be easy to spot
  22. Only $15,000... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dieges-Clust-Negative-Steel-Die-Mold-Cast-Military-USAAF-PILOT-Badge-w-Laurel/114087248831?hash=item1a902143bf:g:GfkAAOSwJFVeLykE
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