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  1. Greg, if I might ask, why does the brochure say to put a star on the bracelet?
  2. I have a cheap metal detector but have had very few chances to use it. I found some old farm equipment behind my mother's house a few years back. that's about it
  3. metal detecting in a lake? that's a pretty bad drought! Very interesting find though
  4. these are actually still being produced for MIAs of all wars, as well as KIA 'remembrance' versions. They are usually color coded (Black, for example, is generally used for KIA bracelets). I've also seen the typical silver as well as red. Just an interesting fct in case anyone's interested. I myself have a KIA bracelet for a buddy of mine who was killed during our first tour. It's important to make sure these guys, missing or dead, are never forgotten
  5. the upclose shots don't seem to want to load... great grouping! consider me in line when you decide to sell it!
  6. the Devil Dog pin is a god find! I saw one on eBay a few weeks back bring around 40 bucks
  7. I can't wait to see the group! What a find, even if it is a second run! That grouping needs to be kept together and fully researched! A George Medal is a great addition to a USMC collection, I myself wouldn't even know where to begin to look to find one If you're ever looking to part with the group, you know where to find me
  8. since they were cast of Pot Metal, I'd imagine they'd be easy to reproduce, though I've never heard of any repros. I imagine the price would be whatever a buyer would be willing to pay through a good auction site such as Manions (their auction prices usually form a base value and they even release price guides). see this thread for more on the George Medal... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...p?showtopic=647
  9. the same goes today for the Marine Corps' combat action ribbon. However, the Corps doesn't seem to know how they want to award them, and several guys who shouldn't get them do whereas guys who should get them do not.
  10. let the officers shine, I'm keeping my insignia off. I had a Sniper miss me once, I'm not looking to call attention to myself Murphey's Rule: Try to look unimportant. The enemy may be low on ammo
  11. it seems sweetheart pieces are really gaining in popularity, especially bracelets. I collect USMC sweetheart piece because they offer such a wide range of EGA styles you'll never see on a regulation uniform piece
  12. I love seeing family military history groupings. unfortunately, my family has practically no military history. maybe I'll have a son one day who'll follow in his old man's footsteps
  13. whatever happened to honoring our troops who risked it all, and in some cases gave all, for the freedoms we enjoy today? great save. it's a shame people just dump our heritage
  14. I have to give him a as well. Bought a couple EGAs off him myself
  15. please note, that Overseas cap EGAs will also be depicted here, as they are the same size as the collar devices, the major differences being the lengths of the screwposts (see GLMs post for an example)
  16. I'm aware strikers were authorized, but I never saw a unit patch on the cuff
  17. I wonder if that cuff patch was in regs? my guess is not, but who knows?
  18. you need to adopt me. just sign here, here and here. thanks... spectacular collection. The Dan Daly pieces are fantastic!
  19. except the Paramarine pieces, I'm sure
  20. do you also do shows? while digging through my wallet the other day, I found your business card. only place I can think of where I might've picked it up is a show? In Pennsylvannia
  21. that 1928 dress mess USMC is gorgeous!
  22. not a bad run so far. I'd display mine when I get home, but it's a 4 bar rack with a star. seems the CAR just keeps getting denied, oddly enough. I thought firefights counted
  23. your stack I suppose DM1975?
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