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  1. So I was unable to get the letters to stop pinching shut...it will eventually work if I keep scaling up, but I am at as large as I want...see the different sizes below. Ignore the missing chicken...I forgot to reattach it to the model before the test print...
  2. Hard to tell, the market fluctuates more often than these appear. Big, broad estimate...$400-$800. In that condition, I'd say $600-$800
  3. The real question...if there's an outbreak of COVID and contact tracing leads back to the show, what consequences will it have on the future of the show?
  4. I've cleaned 120+ year old with toothpaste 5+ years ago, no return of verdigris. No fingerprints, either.
  5. In materials? Haven't done the math, but it would be under $1 each...of course one has to account for possible failures, and discarded resin from the supports. But, still...cheap. More depending on paint and clear coats...time/labor intensive. Incidentally, I am making some tweeks after scaling it up. The incised lettering is continuing to have flaws, which I suspect is from drippage curing when it gets stuck in the letters. It would work on a large scale item, or if I was to tilt the item backwards, but I want to keep the support marks off the faces. Switching to a rai
  6. I've had a lot of luck with toothpaste for removing verdigris
  7. this might be your guy... https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymond-kemp-329a7413a
  8. Enlistedman wearing private purchase NS Meyers Metal emblems...these were popular alternatives to the droop-winged P26 emblems that were unpopular. As the P26 was approved in 1926 but didn't really start seeing production until around 1930, I would venture this photo is around 1930. Might be able to narrow it down more if we got a close up of the cover emblem
  9. Yesterday I decided to do a test print, and scaled the coin to 1.5" diameter...printing at .02mm layer height for over 2000 layers, the print took 9.5 hours and printed into the night. I woke to this: As you can see, there are some flaws. The bumps on the bottom are not flaws...they are remnants of the supports. Ultimately, they would be filed off in post-production. I have re-scaled to 1.75" diameter and it is printing again. in 11 hours, we'll see how it comes out. Some of the flaws and possible causes/solutions include -Layer lines visible in 3 places. This is l
  10. Well...I decided that the original side 2 had too many thin edges that would result in many breaking off, and many more fusing together...so I went ahead and developed a new side B. When we realigned last year, our new parent command for the first several months referred to us as 'The Lost Boys', since we are isolated in the woods and had been surviving with minimal support. (The first year I was here and we were gapped a budget officer, we survived off dumpster diving, the DRMO lot, and a $32 gift card from Home Depot. I want it on that record that we came in under budget with 36 cents remain
  11. 1950s officer dress blue collar emblems
  12. No Vedvati on the muster rolls...though they are incomplete. Could have also been in another branch of service
  13. I believe the Army also had a patrol jacket. Pretty sure this one isn't USMC
  14. Medal on left Marine appears to have a crown on top the cross
  15. Looks more like "put your stripes on my desk and GTFO" I think the badge might be a SpanAm veteran piece. Great image
  16. I thought the family bought them back... I once had one of his high school wrestling medals, the buyer of the group (I thought family, maybe not) purchased it from me at my cost to reunite with the group. Seems to be absent, as are his dress EGAs...more not depicted with the sale?
  17. welcome aboard. Great canteen...what's the last name on that? Looks like 'VEDVATT' or 'VEDVAT'
  18. I'd suggest contacting eBay with screenshots of this issue
  19. Finally...I added some text. I put the unit name above the crest, in raised font. And I engraved the rim with "Camp Upshur" atop. We have a joke motto on Camp Upshur. We are literally as far from the flagpole as one can be on base, and thus mostly escape the politics of the National Capital Reason. Quantico's slogan is "The Crossroads of the Corps". As we like to say about the camp, it's located "Where the Crossroads End" Next step is to test print this and see what alterations or overhauls are needed....
  20. I decided to incorporate this crest into the coin, which required me to download and learn the basics of INKSCAPE, which allowed me to reformat the image into SVG, which is readable on Blender...While I love the terrain features in the background, it was a bit busy, so I just went with the basics. Once I converted it to svg, I was able to upload it on Blender and render it three dimensional...
  21. Did the other side tonight...much quicker with some of my newly acquired skills. I'm not too confident this side will print right, and if not I have another idea that could replace it. Guess we'll find out once the test prints are done... A couple years ago, the Commandant directed that the Battle Skills Test, or BST, be reinstated, but performance based rather than written test. We decided to put together a comprehensive, week-long training package at Camp Upshur that covered all 30 required skills and culminated in a 12 km, 12 station FINEX. We have done 8 iterations,
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