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  1. Eagle head is a known H&H marking... see post 21 in this topic http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18838-hilborn-hamburger-hh/ Granted, your is a bit different than the one pictured, but the mark is good. My guess is the H&H was put above the head rather than in it due to the smaller size used
  2. "Send more Japs." -Transmission from the Wake Island Garrison when asked if they needed anything after being informed the relief fleet would not make it. Illustrates defender's resolve
  3. There's no overlap or wrap mounting there, they're all just slid on. APC and Marine Ex have fat suspension loops typical of later pieces. Full size 60s gold V on that LOM. No signs of any battle stars I have never found a set of slide-on USMC minis I liked...while I'm sure it happened, I find it hard to believe someone of such rank as he certainly was wouldn't have paid for the wrap mounting and overlap. It doesn't help that several eBay sellers like to sell unnamed uniforms with display stacks of PX procured awards. Not for me, personally, I think it's a put-together.
  4. Second put-together spiked helmet in the past week on eBay... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-19th-Century-U-S-M-C-Sun-Helmet-RARE/173946816017?hash=item288009c611:g:w9kAAOSwnBpdFSgb EGA is a pure fake, rest of the parts appear to be Bannerman's. These put togethers pop up several times a year, often made with real parts...seems most collectors aren't really sure what to look for in these but are eager to jump on them, so just thought I'd send up the red flare on this
  5. I think it's churched up, Bob. Looks like a combo of WWII-Korea and later awards...slid right onto the bars. I would expect a stack like this to be properly mounted
  6. Yes...disciplinary reasons. It didn't take much to get busted down back then...muster rolls are full of examples...2 minutes late off liberty/shore leave/furlough...catching VD...unauthorized booze possession...punched/disrespected/talked back to an NCO/officer he didn't respect...falling asleep on duty/post...and on and on and on.
  7. This portrait sold for a whopping $257 on eBay a few weeks ago...he certainly had a good eye
  8. The See numbers are manufacturer codes assigned to holders of government contracts, a list of them is included in Klie's book
  9. Happens all the time...and has been happening for years. I just assumed it was the massive volume of stuff being listed site-wide
  10. Don't feel bad, I call out our own recruiting posters when I see something in them that's tactically unsound but someone in the recruiting command thought would be cool
  11. Some very non-period haircuts on those Marines
  12. I sent you a couple emails last night, but I thought I would add this here, as other members might know something based off the photo. He was buried at sea less than 1.5km from the reef bordering the lagoon, approximately 5km from the northern tip of Betio. Coordinates taken from his casualty card and input into Google Earth
  13. You would need a map of that area with the grid designator BT. Not sure if it changed since then, but it's a 6 digit grid in MGRS. 986 Easting, 020 Northing. 6 digits will get you within 100 meters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Grid_Reference_System
  14. Picked this up last week, didn't even google the citation or history until after I got it. This group came from a picker who got it at the estate of James M Burt. He said he also picked up a K98 war trophy, but opted to keep that piece. I'm not an Army collector at all, but figured I should probably pick this group up. James Burt commanded Company B, 3d Bn, 66th Armor Reg and was at the Normandy Invasion and Battle of Aachen, and his MOH is an unusual case of the award being presented for actions over an extended period... Oddly, the button of Burt is actually a hand mirror for some r
  15. Sometimes you can get lucky and stumble on original frames at antique shops or auctions There are also similar sized frames available at frame stores, usually a bit larger. I but large sheets of matte board and great a custom matte border to fill the excess area. A large sheet of matte at Michael's costs around $6 and is about 3'x2'. Now, it's my 2-yard long WWI USMC aviation photo I need to figure out how to display
  16. Ehh...one has to be very careful when trusting the 'Corps itself'. While much of it is very trustworthy, it must also be kept in mind that the institution isn't quick to acknowledge things that go against popularly held beliefs... an example being that recruits are still taught that 'Devil Dog' comes from the Germans in WWI, despite that fact being indisputably proven incorrect. We still teach the leather neck was to protect from sword strikes rather than to maintain posture. We are so obsessed with "firsts" that we just have to have them for everything (First aviator, first female, first
  17. You can find loose bore snakes for about $15 to supplement your Otis Kit. I have a custom cleaning kit for my service rifle...includes an Otis Kit, bore snake, dental picks, chamber swabs shaped to fit between and clean the lugs, and various other specialty tools. cheaperthandirt.com is a great site for bits and bobs at fair prices
  18. Don't worry about what you can contribute now as the new guy, use this as a venue to learn and, in time, you will find yourself teaching new members as they come along, and maybe even showing the old salts a thing or two. We all started somewhere, and there are no experts, just students
  19. Are you talking about the Historical Division? Really depends who you talk to...museum curators and conservationists are good, researchers are more event/personality educated. The desire is a book to flip open and reference and see
  20. I have seen them off center a few times...not that unusual
  21. It's a fine, US made disk known as the 'issue variety'
  22. Every first termer since 1775 has said that exact quote, myself included............15 years ago
  23. Served with Headquarters Battalion, 2d Marine Division, 1944-45, attained rank of Private First Class Muster Rolls are sparse, your best bet is to request his record through St Louis
  24. Be very careful with this...while tattoos you get under current regs will likely be grandfathered if regs change, they can still be very limiting. Most SDAs now have very strict rules on tattoos that exceed the institutional regs, which is authorized since they require additional screening. A lot of forearm tats of any kind pretty much make you ineligible for recruiting or MSG (you know, jobs where you have to convince the parents of 17 year olds to trust signing the contract, or represent the institution internationally). Ditto for Presidential detail. Pretty much anything in the public eye.
  25. A few articles that cover, or at least touch on, the event... https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2019/06/06/bedford-va-lost-men-d-day-seventy-five-years-later-toll-still-echoes/?utm_term=.bd1348275a12 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pence-pays-homage-to-bedford-boys-on-75th-anniversary-of-d-day https://www.wric.com/news/local-news/video-national-d-day-memorial-commemorates-75th-anniversary/2054864291 And the entire ceremony on video... https://www.facebook.com/8News/videos/2328124377235587/
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