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  1. https://taskandpurpose.com/iraq-commitment-medal-kickstarter-2639991583.amp.html
  2. Whiskey...tango...foxtrot... Stop teasing us and show us more of these photos! You're holding out on us Bob, and I need a feel-good moment after the past couple of days
  3. If he went from the front right to China, there's a good chance he didn't receive the ribbon right away.
  4. I'm leaning towards post-war, as well. Not uncommon for Marines not to wear SSI during and after WWII
  5. eBay allows sellers to reply to PMs with offers now, as well. If an item is auction format with an OBO option, if the item has a reserve the offer option will remain until the reserve is met. If no reserve, then first bid ends the OBO. eBay has decided to make a couple features for offers probably since so many backdoor deals were happening anyway completely off eBay. This probably helps them collect more fees since the backdoor off-site is less often done. Moral of the story, if you see an auction format with an OBO that interests you, throw in the opening bid at the starting price an
  6. Top pair are P37 late-WWII econo-lead
  7. Possible the General is not the only soldier to ever have that name and earn an ARCOM.
  8. MC GOVERN JOHN JOSEPH 385303 21-OCT-43 HQ CO, 1ST PARP BN, 1ST PARA REGT, QST MAC, FMF, SOLOMON ISLANDS WIA TAB MCGO-MCGR From the casualty rosters And yes, if you're going to collect named USMC, an Ancestry account is a necessity
  9. Brig

    Marine War Room

    Thanks. I've moved since I made this topic...I really should get around to taking updated photos.
  10. I've bought a couple of old collections like that...guys who collected for decades, disconnected fr the internet, and have a medley of real, repro, and Bannerman's. Sometimes there's a few hidden gems mixed in. Congrats. I've only bought two USMC pieces all year, not finding anything that sings to me. Might have focused a bit too narrow
  11. Beauty...don't know what RW was worried about, these were immensely unpopular and the risk of theft was probably pretty low
  12. Finally, one I like that isn't Bannerman's junk. Been looking for one for over a decade, my hat's off to you
  13. Looks like he's dirtying them all up, too. I was suspicious since the Norwegian patch seemed to be constructed in similar style
  14. Not mine, but I am thinking fake?
  15. try this... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/229816-custom-resize-tool-exclusively-for-the-usmf/
  16. We'd need much bigger photos than that
  17. Looks like Navy service stripes, worn on the cuff of enlisted men, one for each 4 years served Marine Corps uses them, too, but not in those color patterns.
  18. You need to submit a FOIA request to NARA, they will send a list of campaigns and awards. This is different than pulling the records. Not uncommon for Marines of the era to only have a couple ribbons, either
  19. They never were. It was an overzealous eBay policy when the SVA went into effect eBay can ban whatever they want, even if it's legal to buy or sell
  20. Cut edge gives it away... Seller is selling a large USMC collection, doubt he knows much about a lot of it Has anyone tried just telling him it's junk?
  21. It never stopped being legal...eBay just overreacted with the old SVA law implementation
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