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  1. 1 hour ago, Jim Baker said:


    Hi Robbie,


    Sorry I missed this and I hope you see this response.  I love getting this kind of info and would love hearing anything else you have to share.  Thanks so much for posting and I hope to hear from you.

    Jim!!!!!! I haven't seen you around in a LONG time, glad you're back...I've been running out of sardonic kinsmen

  2. On 10/18/2020 at 1:04 PM, thomas noel osborn said:

    I am a 1958 graduate of Jesuit High School in New Orleans. This was the button on the jacket of our winter green daily uniforms, also replicated in the school shoulder patch. (See attached.)


    At some point in the last 50 years, the "winter greens" were eliminated from the uniform, and the shoulder patch was changed to no longer include the USMC emblem. (Notice that the Siemper Fi banner was not present in this rendition.)





    My guess is either one of both of the following factors:


    1. The Marine Corps copyrighted the EGA


    2. The Marine Corps consolidated the MCJROTC under TECOM

  3. On 10/18/2020 at 4:16 PM, Proud Kraut said:


    In fact a buddy of mine, also a modeler, has bought a 3D-printer recently. He promised to send pictures of his first trials. Does the software you are using to design the coins came with the printer?

    No, but it's completely open source and free to download...



  4. 9 hours ago, Proud Kraut said:

    This topic is uber-cool! Can´t wait to see the finished coins. Guess what´s on the top of my wish list now...

    This would actually be great for you since you're a modeler. A lot of model builders and gamers are getting into resin printing since it's much cheaper than buying all the parts in the long run


    I filled one of the coins with clear resin last night and it's currently curing. Amazing how clear it looks already. I also realized how important it is to level the surface when dealing with items this shallow, as resin is thicker than I thought and self-levels

  5. Must say, I've never been a fan of challenge coins...hell I keep mine in a small box on my desk mixed in with loose change as a statement to those at Quantico who treat them as if they were Pokemon...but I am certainly enjoying the process of designing my own from the ground up...I've begun designing one for each unit/deployment in my career as a side gig...using our inside jokes, slogans, and pinups as inspiration









    OIF, based on stencil on our gun truck turrets...I have no idea who came up with it, but I have an idea where they got their inspiration...



    Norway, based on our arctic exercise



    Afghanistan, based off our truck's callsign by the Colonel as 'Mystery Mobile' since we had the MWD and he 'never knew who the hell was going to climb out of that one'


  6. Well...final design has been successfully printed and I have ramped up to mass production...5 at a time, with a 13 hour print time per batch...shooting to have these done for the Marines in a month for the USMC birthday


    While they print, I have begun experimenting with priming and painting. I must say...those of you who paint models well...I have a newfound appreciation for the patience and skill required for a quality paint job...


    These aren't remotely quality paint jobs...they're me experimenting with different brands and color schemes ...I had a failed batch of coins and am using them to practice my painting, but first just wanted to figure out colors, as well as how to properly thin the paint


    Brand test... Vallejo vs Citadel black on silver...

    thumbnail (1).jpg



    Misc color scheme on rim, to see what I like best...letters in both black and silver on a yellow, red, and copper

    thumbnail (2).jpg


    I'm leaning towards silver on copper, but the next test is to fill with clear resin and see if I like it, or if maybe I want to add a tint of dye to the resin overtop the paint for more of an enamel effect, which wouldn't work well with copper

  7. There's a couple sleepers in tray two. Since you've gotten some very detailed PMs, I'm sure they've been singled out already


    The vast majority he'd best just to sell in a massive lot on eBay, as some sellers have the patience to play the long game trying to nickle and dime out the singles

  8. 5 hours ago, USCapturephotos said:

    Yes mikie! And not to be overly dramatic but the other soldier really appears to have that "thousand yard stare" if you ask me. Thanks for commenting.


    I've seen that look a lot...the man's exhausted and has stopped caring if he makes it out anymore, just so long as it ends

  9. I only have two, and both have their blemishes, but the content doesn't get much tougher to find...


    US Marine private, with shako on table...

    10-28-2013 07;42;22PM.jpg

    US Marine identified father/son pair. Father is also a Mexican War veteran, and 8 year old son was a Marine drummer boy...

    RESCAN-Thomas & William P Sweeney.jpg

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