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  1. First...things get replaced all the time. That said, nothing says Lordship Industries wasn't making these from the 60s or 70s straight through the 90s. The emblem hasn't changed since 1955, there would be no need to change their molds unless one broke. Short of a definitive hallmark to an era on this model (Gaunt, KREW, Chocolate Brown finish), there's no real difference in value from one made in 1955 and one made yesterday
  2. I was buying those at Saigon Sam's 10 years ago...very distinct mold marks. I'd say 80s-90s
  3. I actually learned about this because one of my Marine's brought his 1st NJP medal in from a couple units ago...his mom got it for him, as well as the LCpl chevrons with handcuffs
  4. Not much value in these things....plaques don't sell for much because of the unofficial and personal nature of them. SEAL connection doesn't really do much to sway that, but maybe gets a few bucks more. I sold a bunch of plaques a few years ago from the same timeframe...really nice ones...and had a hell of a time moving them all. Took months, selling as low as 10 bucks each. I'd estimate 25-50 bucks.
  5. Finished the Norway design...will probably test print it this weekend... Side 1: -Grid coordinate on top is the arctic circle, representing our time in the arctic and designation as Blue Noses -"Welcome to Hoth"...while standing on a cliff, during a white out, I was making my rounds inspected the comm trench being dug and one of my Marines asked, "how are you enjoying beautiful Hoth, SSgt?!?" My response? "Go get the dammed shield generator working, Corporal". Later on I realized that the Hoth scenes in Star Wars were filmed in Norway. To this day, this moment alwa
  6. How the hell did I miss this first time around? You and I literally discussed you doing a thread the day before! You're having a good year, Dirk. Stars keep aligning. As usual, great research and great write-up.
  7. A few shots of some additional work in the coin designs over the last 6 weeks... there's a couple of other sides done...but they're a bit more risque or vulgar for a family friendly forum...might share them when they're done with censors...admittedly, I'm a very profane person at work...I have been clocked as using a variant of the 'F' word 504 times in a single diatribe...but I'm not overly big on the more risque stuff. However, I didn't want these designs to be all me...I wanted them to be reflective of the Marines I served with in these units, so the inside/profane/dirty jokes/politically i
  8. Just an update...I had no idea how long painting takes, so they weren't done in time for the Marine Corps Birthday...hoping to finish them in time for Christmas... I am currently doing 20 of them simultaneously…they printed at a rate of 5 every 13 hours, however there were a few failed batches...those became practice pieces for painting techniques.. Primed with a white rattle can of model primer...it was hell making sure the silver was fully covering due to the light color, and had to be tilted often to look for spots I may have coated too thin...priming was the quickes
  9. We have said it over, and over, and over...we're not resurrecting this discussion.
  10. One of my Marines showed me this site today...filled with lots of hilarious, unofficial awards, ranks, coins, and badges...future plaques for Marines are going to be a lot of fun. Be advised, there're a few NSFW in the mix... https://bluefalconawards.com/
  11. This forum has a dedicated sales forum for members to post stuff...however, you need to have 30 posts of substance before your permissions are unlocked to post there. These 30 messages have to be of actual substance...not just a bunch of 'cool', 'neat-o', etc. Posts in this forum and 'Whats it Worth' do not count towards your post count
  12. It is also a belt plate emblem, and not a cover emblem
  13. Before the internet, these disks were rare as hen's teeth...hell, I remember ten years ago with the internet disks were bringing ridiculous prices up to $500 each...so not a stretch that someone slapped some pins and clasps onto unfinished repro disks by any means. Disks are largely still an area that isn't fully understood
  14. Not a fan of the disk...clasp is more reminiscent of pre-war badges, French-made pinback disks generally have a dimple on the rear, as well as a different pattern EGA
  15. I don't have a problem with the cover emblem...looks like the finish was removed intentionally for some reason. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the collar disk...rounded clasps were largely gone by WWI...is the pin flat-ended??
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