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  1. A GREAT overseas cap! I wish I had one.
  2. Southern Crosses are very interesting awards.
  3. Great lapel buttons. Let's see more 2nd Division Association medals!
  4. An example of the current style US Army Chaplain Stole. The stole is "double" sided; black on on side and white on the other. This example is available for use by Christian Chaplains (both Protestant and Catholic). The nomenclature on the DLA tag reads, "5501-1; Stole Traditional - USA Armed Forces Chaplain; 3730; Qty: 1.00 each; Bin 123"
  5. Great period photo and even greater story! The mule, the individual kit set ups, painted helmets; all great elements. Just wondering, where's the photo now?
  6. Hello collectors, enthusiasts and historians! I've made use of the vast info and opinion in this forum for some time now and decided that it's time to add my two cents on those things that I might have a little insight. My collecting started over 30 years ago with the yard sale purchase of an "Army" coat and has grown over time. My primary interest is WWII American uniforms/cut edge patches/Cloisonné enamel DUIs/badges. I have a solid collection of US Army Chaplain artifacts spanning modern military history. But lately Great War US Army insignia has peeked my interest as well as Army regimenta
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