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  1. Thanks again for the info! I’m happy with the wings that I’ve found and any concerns have been put to rest. bschwartz, your website is extensive. You have really put some time and effort into it. What a fantastic resource for information. I will certainly be visiting the site again soon.
  2. From what I can gather, the 'coin silver' Juarez wings were made south of the border. I do wonder however about the wing design. Who came up with it first, the Mexican silversmiths or Walter Lampl? It's a sharp looking wing design. Nice weight, lots of feathering. I just received some crew wings to go along with the pilot wings. The A.E. hallmark is a bit different than what I'm able to find references for. Should I be concerned or is it possibly an early design? The aging seems to be quite legit under a loupe. Here's a picture. What do you think?
  3. That’s why I ask you all these things. I would’ve never figured out that the wings were Juarez wings. That’s pretty cool. 5thwingmarty mentioned something about Walter Lampl. I’m going look into that right now because that’s something I’ve never heard of. Thanks for the info you guys! ...much appreciated!
  4. I'm putting together a small display of WWII related items and I've recently found a badge that I'd like some opinions on. I think it's in really great shape. However, after quite a bit of research, I have been unable to find any reliable information pertaining to it's manufacture, applicable time frame, etc. I'm not even sure if it's legit. What do you all think? Also, if you zoom in on the picture of the back, does the 'G' in Sterling look upside down?
  5. Just curious, would a graduation wing be solid on the back and not have some sort of hallmark? Maybe there were several different variations of the grad wing. Something to ponder about for sure. Its too bad there isnt a back-story to go along with the wings. Im going to be presenting these wings to my son when he solos for his rotorwing private pilot license. He will probably wear them once or twice and then place them in a covered display case Im making for him out of an old tail rotor blade.
  6. That’s good to hear. At least I didn’t make a bad choice.
  7. What an amazing website! This is my first post and Id like to say that its really great to find so much WWII artifact knowledge and history in one location. Ive been going from website to website scrounging for info and not being quite as successful as Id like to be...and then BAMM, I found this one stop shop. What luck... ? Anyways, after careful review and internet sleuthing, I recently pulled the trigger and bought a set of wings I found on everyones favorite auction site. I would certainly appreciate some comments and opinions on what Ive got here. There isnt a hallmark and only
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