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  1. I appreciate the welcome, Stony. This is my first attempt at "social media" so I am a little out of my element here. (I'm not a technophobe but three decades in IT Security has strongly deterred me against that sort of thing.) It hadn’t occurred to me that I could use the Forum as a source for finding about local shows. I missed the one at the Olympic Air Museum. (I was in Mexico warming up.) I am still finding my way around the site. Is there somewhere one can look for events, specifically local ones? I have a couple of items, like an SS pitcher that I would love to have experts exami
  2. My name is John. I am recently retired. I am an historian and anthropologist by training but fortunately Bill Gates came up with the PC so I could actually find 35 years of gainful employment in the tech security field. I maintain an intense interest in American conflicts, mostly the Revolution, Civil War, and WWII. I am not really a collector, although I do have "a collection". As a kid in the 50's I was surrounded by men who had at least one or two souvenirs from the war. The Civil War was not quite 100 years old and most folks grandparents, at least in my Western Pennsylvania home town
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