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  1. hello many thanks for you comments
  2. hello excellent the bag johan :thumbsup: my favorit item 2011 letter chaplain lacy 5th rangers bn,(medic) omaha beach 6/6/44 has soon bastogne helmet 1st division belgium poche de mons sars la bruyere the best for me,100/100 original barriere normandy (picauville) 550km normandy from house
  3. hello very nice collection :thumbsup:
  4. many thanks for you comment jumping jack :thumbsup: for jeeper :thumbsup: infos complement Victor N. Auernhammer ID: 36973645 Entered the Service From: Michigan Rank: Private Service: U.S. Army, 53rd Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division Died: Sunday, December 31, 1944 Buried at: Luxembourg American Cemetery Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Plot: A Row: 5 Grave: 26 Awards: Purple Heart
  5. hello all Here is an item bought it last year just a gas mask in toille with a name and registration number and after some research it is about the equipment of Auernhammer VICTOR Killed in action in Belgium (Bastogne) 4rd armored division a bientot bastogne
  6. hello I are back after a moment of absence recovered from an exchange with a tent color code, a soldier of the 29th Division 116th Regiment POW in belgium .. aachen battle in October 1944 a bientot bastogne44
  7. hello yannick cousin thank you for your encouragement .. you will make me blush! thou art too much ground in pieces I'd always impressed this is my last night to find a grenade in a gamon terrible condition with cap and its web of origin! a bientot bastogne44
  8. hello thank you for your comments which are very fun to read thank you guys for your encouragement another model soon, but there will be an authentic decor but an enemy bastogne44
  9. hello cousin excellent :thumbsup:
  10. thank you cousin, I did such on your presentation!
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