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  1. Hi Tod My dad. Charles L. Creech, was a US Marine: honorable discharge in 1958(?) after a tour in Japan. Police officer, retired rank of sargeant, 1987, Scarsdale NY PD. He was an avid collector of militaria w/ focus on wings. I walked many a flea market and had my hand swatted by many a shopkeeper as I followed behind my father in silent awe. Charles passed in 1991 - a mere 5 years after retiring. A carved mahogany case originally holding a sterling silver flatware service he and my mom received as a wedding gift, now strapped tight with a beige slide-buckle marine belt, has since his passing, held this amazing result of his wanderings and dealings. I've occasionally opened it and then, with equal inexplicability, lowered the lid for another day. maybe its my own mortality: im now a year older than he was when he passed. This collection deserves to either be honored by me, or by someone with a level of passion to make his work a legacy. Im not sure that I have that, quite honestly, but at the very least, after so many years, each piece deserves some air . Lets see what's in here. Photos to follow this weekend Jim
  2. you guys seem like nice guys - said the lamb to the wolfpack ;;-) I introduced myself in the new member section. this seems the most interesting in the bunch I inherited. Tiffany WWI(?) US Army .. where are identifiers to verify authenticity?
  3. ok im moving this on over to 'Wings' :-) keep a look out for me..
  4. I in 1991 inherited a collection from my dad who was obsessed with this stuff. ive never opened the box. until this weekend.. and what jumped out at me was mesmerizing.. like tim roth in pulp fiction staring into the briefcase. I have taken so many photos which I can share: Observer wings, bomber, glider, commander, pt boat (?), Cap pins, collar wings of all sorts, and more im sure. Most meticulously tagged and wrapped in cloth. a record of purchases and prices paid - most of the activity centered in the late 70s / 80s. I've joined this forum to get involved in discussions - with the ultimate goal of divining collectors' value on this stuff. Its an enormous life's work that I should, to prevent him turning over in his grave, see fit to sell as a set. Name is Jim. I attached one photo here but the forum upload engine says cant fit any more. maybe im not doing it right. I have many photos
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