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  1. Jacob, yes the tank will be available to drive and shoot for customers on request. A price has not been made yet, the tank is still several months out from completion. Check our website for prices on our M60 main battle tank, it may be similar to that.
  2. Thankyou for all the interest everyone. As for our tactical number, it is similar to more popular 5th Tank Bn Shermans 'Davy Jones'and 'Tokyo Express'. They both have digits inside a square box. The tank was purchased some time ago well before i came onto the project, from someone who had it in one of the Eastern US states. If anyone is in Vegas, mention your relationship with us on the forum and we can can arrange a tour of the tank.
  3. Greetings all members. I work for a Las Vegas based company Battlefield Vegas. The team here is in the final phase of a genuine Iwo Jima Veteran USMC Sherman tank. Research indicates this will be the first of its kind to be restored. The tank will be finnished in its Iwo Jima battle condition from the 5th Tank Battalion. We have hit a critial point in the restoration where we are searching for accurate detail before the tank is to be finnished painted. I would like to reach out to anyone interested who may have some knowledge of our tank specifically. This discussion is predominantly a hi
  4. Hello all. I am currently working for a Las Vegas based company, Battlefield Vegas. I restore many different kinds of military vehicles and firearms. I will mostly be hanging out in the Armour section. I will be posting shortly about a current restoration of a genuine USMC Iwo Jima M4A3 sherman, the first to be restored. Many thanks Sherman Guy
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