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  1. Good afternoon everyone, I am very happy to announce that Volume II of multi-book I have been worked on for years entitled, "Among the Ranks of the Carrion Men: The Epic Story of the Thirty-Six-Day Fight in and around Belleau Wood," is now available. It is available through the publisher, Amazon. Volume I, which was released in 2018, covered the Aisne defensive from May 27 through June 5th. Volume II is entirely devoted to June 6, 1918, which became the costliest day for the Marine Corps to that point in history. Volume II looks at the attack on Hill 142 in very descriptive moment by moment
  2. The irony is that on June 6, 1918, elements of 3rd Battalion 23rd Infantry engaged elements of the German 1st Bn 47th Infantry for a knoll designated as Hill 192 about a kilometer southeast of the village of Bouresches during the 36-day fight for Belleau Wood. Company M 3rd Bn, 23rd Infantry suffered particularly high casualties in a futile effort to gain this wooded knoll.
  3. Great resource!!!! Thank you to whoever put this together!
  4. It is with a very heavy heart that I inform everyone that our beloved friend Bob Gill passed away Monday June 8th. Bob was a retired Marine Corps Major, beloved father and grandfather, and a dear friend to many of us. Those of us who knew Bob as a collector certainly knew how much research and experience he brought to the general collecting community. He was passionate, thorough, and loved the comradery of this forum and of the collecting community in general. Bob was as sharp and calculated with the spoken word as he was with his research. Those who knew Bob through this forum quickly re
  5. Just purchased AMONG THE RANKS OF THE CARRION MEN VOL I.  I would very much like to buy volume II but cannot find it.  Could you direct me to where I can get a copy?  Thanks.  SF

    1. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Sorry...can not help you. I hope one of the members can.



  6. Fantastic group! Outstanding write up. Gotta love that old corp lineage. Semper Fi
  7. Benny was from Ryan, Oklahoma (same town as Chuck Norris but it was clear who the real warrior is) This man demonstrated and was the epitome of valor and honor, god bless him.
  8. Looks like it belonged to George Wilken, an enlisted Marine with 2nd Bn 3rd Marines and was a clerk with the battalion headquarters which explains why an enlisted Marine had this, usually not the standard piece of gear carried by enlisted line company grunts. Wilken was at Guam and off shore at Iwo. Great piece, congrats.
  9. Another card that accompanied the first reporting on him having died of his wounds.
  10. You may already have this but I figured if you did not you would likely want it. God bless him. Thank you for keeping his story alive. Semper Fidelis.
  11. Flage Guy, that makes total sense and I thoroughly appreciate you taking the time to show me the difference. I have noticed this on a few of my helmet covers. Thank you and great collection by the way!
  12. Not to deter from the original aspect of this post but Ive seen some that have a greenish tone and some that have a more OD brownish tone to the lighter colors on the green side. Can someone shed some light on this, perhaps another thread has discussed this and i should seek that thread out?
  13. There is something that does not look right about the engraving on the PH to me. The letters seem too large but clearly an attempt, if in fact not original, at the period block letters found on Vietnam era PHs.
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