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  1. Fantastic group! Outstanding write up. Gotta love that old corp lineage. Semper Fi
  2. Benny was from Ryan, Oklahoma (same town as Chuck Norris but it was clear who the real warrior is) This man demonstrated and was the epitome of valor and honor, god bless him.
  3. Looks like it belonged to George Wilken, an enlisted Marine with 2nd Bn 3rd Marines and was a clerk with the battalion headquarters which explains why an enlisted Marine had this, usually not the standard piece of gear carried by enlisted line company grunts. Wilken was at Guam and off shore at Iwo. Great piece, congrats.
  4. Another card that accompanied the first reporting on him having died of his wounds.
  5. You may already have this but I figured if you did not you would likely want it. God bless him. Thank you for keeping his story alive. Semper Fidelis.
  6. Flage Guy, that makes total sense and I thoroughly appreciate you taking the time to show me the difference. I have noticed this on a few of my helmet covers. Thank you and great collection by the way!
  7. Not to deter from the original aspect of this post but Ive seen some that have a greenish tone and some that have a more OD brownish tone to the lighter colors on the green side. Can someone shed some light on this, perhaps another thread has discussed this and i should seek that thread out?
  8. There is something that does not look right about the engraving on the PH to me. The letters seem too large but clearly an attempt, if in fact not original, at the period block letters found on Vietnam era PHs.
  9. I was in the Marine Corps Reserves in an artillery unit and I was honor guard as a Lcpl. For one of our beloved master sergeants retirement ceremony who had survived the Lebanon barracks bombing and he delivered a short talk to the battery and his parting words were, Gentlemen, keep sharp and ready and keep your eyes on the Middle East its not a matter of if but when, you will be there, I promise I always just thought it was wise master sergeant intuition.
  10. Unreal!!! This is a fantastic piece of China Marine history! I love seeing it in the book and now here. Never get tired of seeing this great history! Semper Fi
  11. Interesting that the PH is not named he was WIA in August 42 (the same action in which he earned his Silver Star at Gavutu) The Marine Corps was officially naming WIA PHs at this time but I do not believe it was a universal thing. Not sure what the protocol was regarding them officially engraving WIA PHs but Ive seen a number of them. Looks like they have his records but I dont see any indication that it is clear when his PH was awarded and my what specific command.
  12. I know Lt. Cos. Owen and Swift, and they worked very hard on this one. Both great guys.
  13. It was on this type of plane that Sgt. Thomas Hailey of the Marine Detachment of the USS Oklahoma spent several hours wearing his oil soaked skivie drawers in the plane. When the Oklahoma was struck by the first of several torpedoes Hailey was jostled from his rack. He went over board as the Oklahoma was capsizing and took up position on one of the gun turrets on board the Maryland before the Maryland was struck. Hailey eventually swam to Ford Island where he volunteered to go up in the Sikorsky JS-1. For his actions he was awarded the Navy Cross
  14. Hoping to track down Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal rim # 69123.
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