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    Buying modern SF gear!
  1. Hey guys, while searching on eBay a few days ago for some new stuff, I came across this really cool HALO/HAHO jump helmet and now I'm looking for one. I'm pretty sure the mask is a Gentex one, but the seller did not say who the maker of the helmet is. If anyone can ID it with a maker, style, model, or anything to help that would be great. Thanks, Joseph
  2. I just finished putting together this USMC torso display. I can't say it's 100% correct because of the SPC/jumpsuit combo, but I recall seeing some jumpsuits in use with SPCs in a few pictures a while back. At least it looks cool -Joseph Display consists of: Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) Tan Jumpsuit Blackhawk War Belt Source Hydration Pack, Old Gen. Eagle Industries fast mag pouch Oakley assault gloves Magpul Pmag 30
  3. This will be my third time going. Looking forward to another great show! :thumbsup:
  4. Multicam in use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2enkUU-HY5E
  5. Maybe one or two here and there. I've heard that they aren't as strong as the other Crye uniforms because of the material the Marine Corps chose. At 950 sets a year, and only to MARSOC, I'm thinking these will only be seen in combat. To clear things up, Crye makes the Frog and the Combat Uniform ( SF use). The uniforms that are being made in woodland for MARSOC are all the Combat Uniform model. A bit different than the Frog, which is standard USMC issue.
  6. MARSOC is apparently using woodland again. This time it's MARSOC use only, for the most part, and it's being made by Crye Precision, in the form of their Combat Shirt, a very popular style of shirt for SF. Marine special operators are going old-school. Some have ditched their MARPAT for “NATO woodland print” which is similar to what all Marines wore more than a decade ago. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command purchased 300 sets of the uniforms for use on unspecified missions. It’s the same woodland pattern all service members wore before 2000, when the services began developing distinctive camouflage patterns of their own, but it is made from an enhanced fabric. Since 2002, Marines have worn MARPAT, or “Marine pattern,” uniforms — a camo design even soldiers say they like. The difference with this new woodland purchase is in the high-performance value of the fabric — a more durable, flame-retardant blend made by Crye Precision, the same company that makes the MultiCam pattern, favored by special operations troops and authorized for soldiers headed to Afghanistan. The woodland pattern also is used by Afghan forces, who are partnered with MARSOC operators, said a command spokeswoman. “In order to provide mission-specific protective uniforms for Marines and sailors assigned to MARSOC, the command recently purchased a flame-retardant woodland pattern utility uniform,” said Lt. Col. Sarah Fullwood. The order consisted of 300 sets of Crye Precision’s G3 combat pant and G3 combat shirt in the woodland pattern, and green AirFlex knee pads and AirFlex field elbow pads. “The recently purchased uniforms provide MARSOC Marines and sailors with additional protection in an operational environment when their mission requires the use of this style of utilities,” Fullwood said. “These uniforms provide a greater degree of flame and tear resistance than older versions of the woodland pattern utilities.” The purchase is relatively small compared with the approximately 2,300 Marines assigned to the command, about 2,000 of whom are active-duty
  7. It's very easy to mount. All you need is a screwdriver. I've seen mounts for sale without the screw. I would suggest buying a mount that comes with a screw because the screws are hard to find.
  8. New SOPMOD Block II. Looks like USSOCOM will be getting lots of new, expensive, high speed M4 uppers and weapons accesories!
  9. Thought the forum might like this. Original SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar MODified) Currently in use by USSOCOM:
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