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  1. All of this stuff is sweet. I was in 1/76th FA 3RD ID. I WAS stationed in Swienfurt Germany 82-84. Im a Marne dog. Love seeing this stuff. If you ever want to get rid of an old 3ID Shoulder patch let me know i`d like to have one for my self i have none like them. http://www.google.com/imgres?q=kerry+hersh...=1t:429,r:2,s:0
  2. I really like this item. Maybe ill get lucky someday,and find one for my own colection.
  3. ME LIKEY VERY MUCH. Great collection. I was a Marne man myself back in early 80`s.
  4. AWSOME pics. They state the facts. Thanks for shareing.
  5. Watched Mel Gibson "we were soldiers" again actualy love the movie. yesterday i noticed the japs were useing a Yugo SKS instead of a norinko? Oh and to another thread on here they wore the brass belt buckles in the feild.
  6. Iwasnt there,but would assume they did as it was part of the uniform.
  7. These you have pictured do not look fake. i was in i`ve seen many variations of these i even had one that was yellow and black bodied. i was givein it while i was in. i picked another up at auction,but it`s still in box and paper from 1952. I honestly never seen a one that was metal.
  8. No Sir i wish i could. Served in the 3rd Inf Division in the early 80s So iam a vet. I`m not financally able to make a trip like that. I would really love to take wife ,and 3 sons. Only time will tell. Maybe someday till then i just have pics which is something i never had before. Thanks to the good people in France. Big thanks to this forum if not for it i woud have never seen a picture of my Paps Cross. Thanks to all :bravo:
  9. Great pics. Thanks for shareing. My pap lays rest in Normandy. 1st Inf Div 26th regiment
  10. Sure is last year a fellow sent my cousin pics. This year i met someone that said they would send me pics every year when they go to Normandy. I will never be able to take my family there on my own. So its very cool to have this person do this for me. I`m very proud that the man thats resting there was my PAP. Maybe someday i`ll meet him in the end.
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