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  1. Just a little follow-up on my original question........found this info, which is WAY more than anyone really needs but describes in detail the EGA's from conception till now. Maybe it would help someone out. Thanks, C.M. DeLong https://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Publications/THE%20EAGLE,%20GLOBE,%20AND%20ANCHOR%201868-1968%20%20PCN%2019000319900_3.pdf
  2. Thank You Much,,,,,,you guys know your stuff! Pics' don't do it justice, it is a really nice EGA. Craig
  3. Hello all......Looking for a little info on a EGA my wife brought back from a flea market today. Being a USMC Vietnam vet, she picked this up for me and I have never seen this style before. It says Meyer Metal on the back with a pin clasp. I don't know if it is silver & gold but sure looks like it, also, there isn't any rope on the anchor. Being two- toned I imagine it is officers not like mine (enlisted) . I'll try to post a couple pics of it................any info would be appreciated, Thanks! Craig M. DeLong Sgt. USMC 1969-1973
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