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  1. Hi everybody, I'd like to ask for a little help. I bought a bulk of OD7 5/8 cotton webbing to make some A-yokes for partrooper liners. This webbing was made in 1951. Is this correct webbing for WW2 Westinghouse paratrooper liner.??? I think that original WW2 webbing was slightly wider than post war pattern. Am I right? What is correct dimension of WW2 A-yoke webbing? Or maybe there were differences because of different producers. I have 2 bulks of webbing ( 2 x 50 yards ) and there are some small differences in dimension between them.
  2. Catapult? Hmmm...sounds logic. That would be a nice helmet if it realy belonged to a catapult crew member. Thanks.
  3. I found what P.O. may be: PO -- Officer Personnel Division(USCG) PO -- Petty Officer PO -- Port Officer PO -- Portsmouth, England PO -- Post Office I still don't know what does CAT mean.
  4. There are some military markets in Poland but not specially dedicated to militaria, I would say it's more like big antique markets where You can buy all kinds of stuff. There are also typical military shows/reenacting events, where all military dealers come, and there are more and of them each year. People from Poland often visit Czech Republic, Germany or Belgium markets where they can find items for their collection. USA is a very popular market for those who collect US militaria.
  5. Awesome!!!! I know Tom as a guy who puts a great attention to details. He makes dioramas but also a full scale replicas of WW2 guns and equipment. His replicas are as good as his models. The photo shows Tom with his Browning 1919A4 full metal replica, perfect in every detail.
  6. Hello Collectors, I own a WW2 Schlueter Swivel bail shell with sprayed markings which I do not recognize. The shell has been repainted with a dark/blue color. I've never seen such markings before. I think it's a Navy helmet but I'm not sure. Do You have any idea of what period are the markings? Thanks a lot for any help.
  7. Thanks Guys, I know that my chutes are not 100% military issue but I'm proud to have them. T-5 parachutes are getting so hard to find, especially those from Normandy or later drops. Even if it was a film-prop it will always be a correct and beautifull example of a WW2 Parachute. Maybe some day I will have enough money to own a Normandy rig but now I like the one I have. It would be nice to meet You Guys. Maybe next year, during D-Day Anniversary in France. Many thanks to Johan, Bruce & Glen. Best regards Maciej ( and 101st Airborne Reenactors from Poland ) www.airbor
  8. As I said before, if you check "The World War II GI US Army Uniforms 1941-45 in Colour Photographs" You will find the same "WB" rig on the photos. Maciej
  9. I have found stitching signs on my reserve pack so I'm sure there was a data strip before. Someone removed it. Maybe before it was sold to movie industry? On the main pack I can see no signs of data tag, so I think it was never sewn on. I'm 100% sure that my main pack was never used for airborne jump. Especially when I look at my static line hook. I've seen johan's website many times as well as many others when searching for T-5 and I know how the correct Normandy rig should look. So thank You guys for helping me with my questions. I'm glad to have such help. Regards Maciej
  10. No. The main pack and harness comes from USA, but the reserve pack comes from France.
  11. my reserve parachute has also "WB" markings.
  12. hello, If my parachute was used by a movie company maybe "WB" means the Warner Bros. If sending some more pictures for You. PS. There is no blue-coloured 42-xxxxx number stencilled onto the upper flap.
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