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  1. Rank is a Master Sargent not sure the AFSC badge. Looks like a 7 level command and control
  2. Red felt is for artillery. No problem with the heer, they didn't have wire on the handle
  3. Did that for 25 years active duty in the Air Force. Outstanding!
  4. Could be a military dependent that decided to stay in England after mom and dad PCS'ed, or born to American military parents and claimed British citizenship at 18
  5. HERE IS THE BEST SUGGESTION---------------- LEAVE IT ALONE. That decision has been made. In a controlled environment whit it's new friends. Thanks fellas
  6. Thanks for the links Rooster, very interesting.
  7. Picked up an A11 (Fox Chase Knitting Mills) recently. Leather is not dry but would like to treat it. Any suggestions?
  8. Just when you thought you saw it all
  9. Punch Bowel is a good trip, Erine Pyle is there. There is also a good muesum next to the Hale Koa hotel
  10. The two maker marks are interesting, Separate makers on the same blade. Don't think importers name is required.
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