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  1. Hello Chris, Another enjoyable & fantastic post again this week. Stupid question...what ever became of the Eisenstadt Comapny? I can see where they made costume jewelry and pens into the 20's-(and looks like) 60's/70's then they seem to disappear. Thanks again! TH1
  2. The desk has to be worth 20,000,000.00 TH1
  3. It looks like it could one of the variations of the Luftwaffe leather jacket. Just a thought. TH1
  4. Wow! Great stuff gentlemen. TH1
  5. Chris, I for one would like to say I enjoy the weekly posts that you have been doing. Thank you! TH1
  6. And probably one of the nicest ones I have seen in many years. TH1
  7. Hello RobinB, I have been fascinated by your cane since you posted it. I recall seeing a barrel full of them as a kid in an Army Navy store in the early 70's (right next to the barrel of mausers & carcanos). It only makes sense that the Army would have a need for them during convalescence as it would be part of the care of a wounded soldier. They also had a need for crutches, wheelchairs, etc. so a cane only makes sense. So, that being said I did a little digging and found that they were indeed part of the TO&E (TO&E 8-590) of the Army Field Hospitals. Rather than repost t
  8. The Battle at LBH has always been fascinating to me. While not specific to the question regarding the hats worn at the battle, there is an interesting article that sheds some light and may pertain to the question at hand. I thought I would post the link to the article for those interested. https://www.gunpowdermagazine.com/guns-and-bravery-is-this-what-really-happened-at-the-little-bighorn/ TH1
  9. I don't know...Can we get close-ups of the chain and some microscope pictures of the paint? TH1
  10. "Gotta Go to Mo's" is thier advertising jingle. Sharky, I didn't put 2 & 2 together with the Henry Modell part until you posted the history/obituary of Henry Modell. If I am not mistaken, he is related to Art Modell the founder of the Cleveland Browns somewhere down the line. Personally I think he (Henry Modell) obtained the spare shovel heads from an unfinished/cancelled government contract and created the "Jiffy Spade". Awesome postcard and I too, think the "mystery" is solved. TH1
  11. I think it may be a plate for one of the Aircorps "tugs" they shuttled the planes around with. TH1
  12. BKW, Plus a music stand would have had a clip or fastener of some sort at the top to hold the thin, flimsy sheet music in place. I am wondering if the "RCTC" stands for "Roman Catholic Theological Corps/Center". TH1
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