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  1. I think it is a good chance it is a period piece, but it is not a military contract or depot piece.....no perforated vents and two stitch brim suggests private purchase. Kevin
  2. Thanks for the link, it sold yesterday for $2000. Looks like there is an 18% buyers premium so another $380 or so and we are getting close to that average of $2500 mentioned earlier. I think the stiletto itself in the auction is close to this one, I do see however some light surface scratches across the blade on the one in the auction, but it’s scabbard is maybe a bit better, so definitely comparable. I hear you on the concerns for the zinc handles. Collectors of these should, as the Brits say, “treat them like eggs”, but my understanding all the same is they sort of disintegrate
  3. Please by all means Dennis post it. I would like to take a look and watch the auction. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Wow thank you guys! Bob that is incredible and so helpful to me. I can’t thank you enough, just reiterates what I already knew, that this forum is outstanding.
  5. Thanks Kurt, that is helpful. Let me pose the question this way...... What is the highest amount anyone anyone has seen one of these sell for in this condition? Has anyone seen figures as high as 4 to 6 thousand? I haven’t seen that myself but again, I haven’t been following these and a few in this condition that I have found on the Internet simply say “sold”. From what I am hearing here, and what I can locate price wise in past sales, $2000-2500 might be the realistic going rate in today’s market for this one? Thanks again.
  6. Thank you guys for the comments, I sure appreciate it. I am sure the blade is full length, it comes in at 1/16th of an inch shy of 7 1/4. I can see no evidence of a re-tip, and the thing is sharp as a needle. I think the seller here feels it is worth a lot more than the current going rate, so I don’t know if I will be able to acquire it. I have seen many items in my collection fall in value the last several years, (ega’s for example), has there been a down turn in value of these knives as well in the last decade or so? I have had difficulty finding previous sales of ones in simil
  7. Folks, I need some assistance with a Raider Stiletto that has been offered to me for sale. I have collected a long time and have concentrated on Marine items solely for most of the last decade, but I have never handled one of these nor studied them as much as other areas of my collection. I have admired them from afar lets say. I don't want to be one of those who asks everyone to do my work for me, so I have done some research before posting. I took a lot of photos, but if anyone needs something more, just ask. I tried to make sure all aspects are shown. This knife was recently ac
  8. I don’t think these are named to the Major Gray on the Arizona. The first initial on the uniform looks like an L to me not a J, and the obvious point here is that these uniforms are not officers but enlisted men, WWII. Nice set though. Kevin
  9. Well now that makes sense and I stand corrected. I have been looking at Indianhead Star WWI patches for so long, I was biased. Those darn Marine collectors, we think everything is the Corps.
  10. Yeah, I doubt it is fourth Brigade as the vast number of those came home with the Indianhead and star. I think the point of those who weighed in is there aren’t many out there attributed with this kind of paint scheme, pretty amateurish, bright colors, flowers, etc. I have a cammo painted one in my collection likely done in France by a Marine (or at least contracted by a Marine) severely wounded who came home in September 1918, so fourth Brigade but before the application of Star Indianhead logos. A lot of the cammo paints imitated the colors and designs used by the Germans (tortoise shell pat
  11. I agree with Jon and thought precisely the same thing when I first saw your thread. I don’t think this was done in France certainly and like Jon says, it just doesn’t feel like others I have seen. Might have been done by a family member who knows when. It is an interesting piece and I wouldn’t be surprised if the initials inside were written by the Marine while “over there”, but the shell paint just doesn’t have the right look and is definitely “out of the norm”.
  12. Mason that is so cool! It will look great in your fine collection. Kevin
  13. Thank all you guys for the nice comments.
  14. Very attractive grouping, thanks for sharing.
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