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  1. The “blooded” patch, for seeing combat action in the Guadalcanal campaign. Unofficial I believe.
  2. The serial number likely does not relate to the Marine who carried it. Is it a three digit number in the 300 range? Many Mamelukes were named on the blade, if yours is not, it is unlikely you will be able to trace it to the owner. Kevin
  3. Willard L Marshmann mustered in around April 1943, looks like he went to the Pacific and I couldn’t find anything Iceland related. I wasn’t able to locate anything on Swarovski but I am not the best at searching ancestry though so maybe someone else could give it a try. Doesn’t make sense to me though if Marshmann had the jacket reissued why the patch would have remained in there. As you indicated, these patches were ordered removed upon leaving Iceland, BUT there is at least one photo of a Marine at a train station in the US wearing one. I think it was very rare though. I have some doubts this patch is original to this jacket. Hopefully someone else might find more. Best, Kevin
  4. Photos would sure help
  5. I echo the positive comments posted. I received the book yesterday, and have only had time to take a quick look, but was immediately impressed with both the content and presentation. In my mind, this is a must have for any collector of US WWII medals. A huge amount of work has gone into this, and the author should be commended for his contribution to the advancement of our hobby. Kevin
  6. Wow, just amazing! Award winning project I would think. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  7. Great write up and history and beautiful grouping. Thanks for sharing! Kevin
  8. True works of art, thanks for sharing. Wish I had half this creativity. Kevin
  9. What a great piece. Thanks for sharing. One similar to that is on the cover of Moran’s book. Nice! !
  10. Really attractive piece of trench art. Love it! Kevin
  11. #1 white background. If I remember correctly you want the ones with the snaps not lift the dot.
  12. warguy

    Long Out of Shanghai

    Gorgeous uniform Dirk, that label is just killer. Thanks for sharing, Kevin
  13. Here is the one in my collection. It is also the example that appears in the excellent reference Equipping the Corps by Tulkoff. Came originally from the Bob Queen collection and he acquired it directly from the veteran several decades ago, so it is also identified. Kevin
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