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  1. last one, would this be the cleaning kit for the carbine? 1911? Both?
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Final few pictures now...
  3. Thanks everyone! I'd say mystery solved. For what it's worth the measurement between the mounting holes is 2cm, but I'm pretty sure you guys have figured out what this belongs to.
  4. Thanks for the help! After a quick search it looks like you're right about it being a Mossberg .22 sight. I'll measure the space between mounting holes this evening and reply back.
  5. Hi All, Anyone know what this sight is for? It came with a USN grouping to a medical officer. I have his 1911 and M1 carbine, but this doesn't go with either of those does it? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Ok thanks. Definitely pre-WWII, this guy started his career in 1937 or 38. From what I've read these dress items were phased out in 1940. It seems pretty likely that he never used any of it.
  7. unopened sword knot, some kind of flight cap liner?
  8. travel bag for Japanese policeman's sword
  9. interesting travel bags for weapons, anyone know anything about these? I've never seen them before
  10. Japanese language books, interesting 1939 Tokyo tourist map produced by the Japanese govt, 4 page daily news pamphlet from the ship this guy sailed to Hawaii on
  11. USN dress belts. Anyone know when one would be used over the other?
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