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  1. I have been gone for a while, My Wife has been in the Hospital for 4 months now and have been by her side for each day and most nights, I have been looking for items that are Brown water Service (PBR'S) Delta to DMZ, I have had most of my items taken by a break in in my Home, I am still looking for my head gear, so far no luck. My Greens had several items on them that are hard to replace so I am still on the hunt for replacements , I am interested in most all items from 67/68/69/70 the years i was in country , Hard to find real items, to many fakes out there tht they are being made in Vietna
  2. Thank you for posting on this, I wish everyone who is a veteran a good day even if they are still over in the Stan , I was there as US Customs for 2 years and 1 year in Iraq in the Green Zone, I stayed Federal when I got out and didn't mind it at all I was with fellow Brothers who saw the Dragon also, Stay Safe and watch your Back Richard
  3. Please send out a big Shout out to all Vietnam Veterans that are still around, We deserve something, We are not all Forgotten by the Public, If you see one today stop and say Thank You!!
  4. It really makes you feel Old when the gear you wore in the 60ds is so valuable that you would of never thought to keep a lot of your gear from Nam, I was PBR's Delta and up North and into Cambodia and Laos , Now the stuff you hated to wear is now worth money. Who would of thought it was a patch that will sell for 45 to 145 dollars. Still looking for my Patch that was stolen from my gear locker, TF-116 beret patch and a few other patches. Is there anyone from the 116 have a extra Patch they want to part with to another Brother who was there . Let me know I was 535. 533/ My Beret does not fit
  5. I was with the 535 and that is a repo , It has the threads of a repo , But that is whats out there right now, If the real patch shows up I would grab it first then ask questions later, We had some made up on leave in Saigon before it was shut down and take a blue light to it is the only way to make sure . I have mine and it is at the VFW on View with the 534 and TF-116 patches I donated to the Post. Most of the Patches were made in Nam and they do not look very good but we were allowed to use them on our shoulder as the Patch of the unit we were with. The TF-116 and the TF-117 were all the sa
  6. Glad I found this site, I was Navy Brown Water, Did 2 tours in the Delta during TET , I was station in Siagon/Danang/ Hue/ and most of the Delta , I was assigned to the 3rd Marine 2nd as a PBR driver for some of the 3rd that were going up river and Larrp Teams and Seals and places that we were never in:) and was a Boatswains Mate E5 , Had 2 hits 1 the first over and then 1 the second over. One thru the right side Hip out the left side of Hip, Then the second got it in the back with shrap , They told me I couldn't stay over there or go back so I got out and went into the Government, And I am
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