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  1. I come to these forums to learn and grow my knowledge of the hobby and you guys did not disappoint. Guess I'm just too cynical for my own good at times. This pot was pretty far outside my budget for now, but I was almost sure it seemed too good to be true. Live and learn
  2. I'm actually surprised I didn't see anybody post this here already, but here's the link https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264593996345 I'm guessing there's either something glaringly fishy about it that I completely missed, but I was curious what better versed collectors myself thought about it. At the time of writing this it currently sits at about $800 with 16 bids. I was hoping somebody could confirm or correct some of things that set off red flags for me: -Raised brass buckles on the chinstraps I know factories used mixed era part
  3. That's a beauty. I'm thinking I should share my unissued pieces from my collection. I even have a stone mint CAPAC with the packing paper. I've been meaning to add a minty Inland as someone pit one up for sale here recently, but alas, currently under budgetary constraints
  4. Regarding the look of your insignia, it gives me pause, personally. I haven't had the privilege of handling many confirmed originals in hand, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Based on your pictures it looks like somebody coated it with a rusty overcoat as the edges of it still appear to be bright white. Also the lack of micro-cracking sticks out to me.
  5. Unfortunately the presence of lead does not guarantee a time period as you can still buy linseed oil based lead white (as well as yellow) paint from high end art supply stores. I have a tube myself I used to restore a couple pots in my collection to painted insignia types I could never possibly afford and are so often faked I could never pull the trigger even if I did have thousands of bucks burning a hole in my pocket. And before anybody gets their pitchforks out the lids were in bad enough shape to justify a restoration and were matched with equally FUBAR liners, one even being a pot Josh Mu
  6. Do the first three that you named allow to to search databases for military records, or just enlistment records? What about officers?
  7. Are there any known examples of any in theatre 1st ID lids that are painted with that lighter green on the shield? Every example I can find is just the red 1 with the black outline
  8. Thanks, hopefully this topic gains a little more traction and I get some more advice. I wouldn't mind subscribing to a service year round if the cost was reasonable and/or they offered per use pricing as it's not as though I have many pieces to try and associate with a person. If these sorts of resources are on the pricey end of things I also wouldn't mind compensating an individual with access. I'll definitely checking out the Individual Search Forum, thanks for the tip. Is billiongraves just for graves/family plots, or is there a section that allows you to search for an individual's milit
  9. I had a sneaking suspicion that WWII enlistment didn't. Does the same go for AAD? Or should I have been looking for an officer-specific database? And is there anywhere I can get more details about his career such as unit assignments? If the info can only be found with subscription based services I'd be happy to compensate anyone that would use said resource to help flesh out his story!
  10. Thank you! If you don't mind me asking how/where did you get this info? I tried searching by the serial number formatted 50 different ways (dash, no dash, space, no space, etc), searched by laundry # & surname, and this was the best I could come up with. The former got me nothing at all
  11. I planned on showing off this pair of named lids eventually and I've hit a dead end trying to find the exact soldier it belonged to, so I guess I'll kill two birds with one stone here. Back in July I acquired two helmets from an eBay seller that specialized in estate sales. It appears to be the only militaria she has handled in recent years, and they were in fantastic shape, albeit very dirty. In fact, all the saltiness was due to poor storage, and seemingly not much use. Had to remove A LOT of dust, dead bugs, and literal mouse turds out of em', but they cleaned up quite nicely. She says she
  12. That lid looks really familiar, but I have no idea why. What's the story with it?
  13. I recently found myself going down the wwii era paint rabbit hole, and while I can't offer an expert opion, I can offer some bits of knowledge I've picked up thus far:Lead "based" is a bit of a misnomer. They were all technically oil based, almost exclusively linseed oil. Lead was used as the main pigment in white (lead carbonate) paint and certain red (lead oxide) and yellows (lead chromate). The latter two were primarily used as primer and anti oxidation coats as cadmium was more common for yellow and red pigments in most other industrial applications. IE: "Lead red" and "chrome yellow" pain
  14. Purely conjecture on my part, but original M1s weren't nearly as durable as kevlar lids so a significantly smaller percentage of them as a whole stood the test of time. Again, purely a guess, but I feel like down the road there will be FAR more kevlar helmets for collectors as they simply aren't as vulnerable to rust, weathering, etc and can't (as far as I'm aware) be used as a type of scrap material which is where A LOT of M1s ended up, among several other fates. Every component of M1s can literally weather away to nothing as the steel can rust away and all the other components were manufactu
  15. Without opening the can of worms that is political discourse I'd like to add my 2¢: I'm 30 years old and started collecting M1s when I was 15, so well after the Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers spike observed in the hobby. Between the reenacting I used to do and the shows I've been to, there are plenty of collectors in my age range. From personal experience I was only able to start adding nicer pieces to my collection in last 4 years or so after a very lucky career change (a good union gig is hard to come by these days), and even then nicer painted pieces or ones that typically sell i
  16. Bumping for personal interest. Sorry I have nothing of value to add If you don't mind my asking, where did you happen upon this?
  17. Anything is possible, I've seen some funky mixed componant pieces such as a liner with mixed single HBT and triple HBT webbing, but I've never personally encountered different A washers in a single liner that wasn't an obvious repair. In my experience gunk and grime can make it difficult to distinguish between black or OD paint and things like that. Ultimately, some clearer closeup pictures would be needed to refine any opinions
  18. Looks good, just wanted chime in and you know that those washers appear to be unpainted steel, especially given that the webbing for the nape strap has the early war folds on the ends. At a glance it looks good, but closer, higher resolution photos would probably help the more experienced guys give a better opinion
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