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  1. Here is a pair of medals with a fantastic story. I bought the medals, not the story...they were fair enough. Now to check the story. Was told the story that these medals belonged to a nurse. Her name is Gertrude Watson. She was also ? wounded? Several people have the accesses to info that I do not, and my traveling has increased 10 fold, limiting my time I can search. Well, is it family lore ? or is it true? Acquired directly from a family member. the numbers are M.No. 2678 and 10142
  2. This is a gag sheet from the F-111 days. I have a copy some where, but I know it is not in an index, so I will never find it. It is nice to see that someone went to the trouble to colorize it, and cut it out.
  3. Boxcar Willie always credited his playing country music to the late Jimmy Heap. Yes he was a flight engineer on a few different aircraft. I believe he even had a flight deck, or an engineers station to a C-119 at his Museum in Branson
  4. Also, Map reading battery operated light. It would clip to the steering column of several different trucks. I had one made by the AC Gilbert company
  5. Here is two cents worth.... Possible parachute drift weight, weighs 50 pounds.... Concrete is cheaper than steel, ideal for a non reusable / returnable item. Internal "S" hook...the parachute would attach here, and the collar, made of metal, would dampen the oscillations / tumble that are natural to a falling object, Drop flares attach this way. Just an idea.
  6. Speaking of Bell Aircraft, I will share this here. I have a small collection of "Horn Buttons" and I am please to have gotten this one!
  7. Here is an ashtray for the first US Jet fighter group in Europe. This one is for "Johnny" of the 818th Air Eng. Squn. attached to the fighter group. I have a few of these, this seems the most odd.
  8. Here is an experimental NOTAR pedal from Mac-Air (McDonnell Douglas) Helicopter
  9. Pictures 3 and 8 shows the P-61 with a PTV-N-2u Gorgan missile.
  10. This was found in a duffle bag a few years ago, along with several other rare flight suits. It is marked "Test Article" and dated Showa 18, which is 1943 by Western standards.
  11. and related. The Convair plate is the only one I have seen replicated in ashtray form, and only in red. There are two different Naval Air Station Plates, I have only been able to collect this one. The Fairchild plate is made by Kettlesprings Kilns
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