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  1. What a great, sharp photo. Looks like the closer two rail cars have chalked on them "Lot 131".
  2. As Salvage Sailor posted above the story of Naval Officer Edouard Isaacs is truly remarkable.-his autobio is "Prisoner of the U-90" and first editions of this short book are available on-line. A better reading book is "Escape from Villingen" by D. Messimer. Once picked up by the Uboat that sunk his ship, he was treated with all the respect the Germans felt a fellow officer deserved, including keeping his revolver, and eating at the subs officers Mess. Oddly he was put in the pilots POW camp. He was nearly killed from beatings administered after his escape attempts. It should be a movie
  3. My interest though is Aviation- My great uncle was a pilot in WWI with the 96 Bombardment Sqdr.. This is the one in which all six planes ran out of fuel inside germany and all crews were captured. I recently discovered a box of about 60 photos around bases and within POW camp. Some are the mass produced "postcards" some are unique. My father flew the hump in WWII. I am interested in the development of aircraft, strategies, and battle plans, more than the specific hardware. like books. Thanks for the add. JLN
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