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  1. Look the JAG Fandom Wiki. It will show all of their final decorations and what they got them for.
  2. Because according to our CSM, they looked sloppy; He was an old CAG guy. There were prescribed measurements for the bills. Honestly they worked just fine with the mandatory eye protection that we wore everywhere.
  3. I have seen a lot of dumb things to mention during my time in service, however, the first thing that came to mind was one of my track mechanics was riding in the back of a LMTV in Iraq After a shift working a ECP and I told him to not rest the barrel of his rifle on his foot in case it goes off. Long Story short, the next Day later I was coming back in from mission in my Bradley’s and was going to stop to pick the shift up and I had found out that on his was out to shift he had shot himself in the foot in the back of the LMTV. All I could do was laugh.
  4. Great job. We just moved also and I am still working my room. My new room is much smaller, but better environmental condition. It sucks starting over.
  5. Very interesting. I quit selling most Militaria on eBay a while ago. The last time I did, a year ago, I had two people try to lowball me on an offer and ignored it. Then I had them run the bids up into the last 24 hours then both write me to to cancel their bids, this I was charged for Ending the item because of the BS. I only have tried to sell twice In two years and won’t do it again on eBay. Just use to buy.
  6. If you are part of SOCOM you wear a maroon beret unless you were were a long tabbed (then green) or if you had ever been assigned to RGR RGT, then you wear that beret
  7. Around 2016. Oval has had it for a long time.
  8. Here are the only ones that I have left; The rest were cut up into a quilt for my middle child theater made CIBs, Ghost 1st Cav Div patches under 4th ID, and accompanying respective combat patches. Got when I came home worn all of my second deployment. we were not allowed to wear boonies unless they were cut down; which you see.
  9. Goes for Marines Also. NDAA 2012 (I believe) did this for both services. WWII and Korean Marines were given the CAR retroactively.
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