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  1. I was lucky enough to fly in "Nine-O-Nine" 5 years ago when they swung by central VA. It was an experience I will never forget. These warbirds do have a finite lifespan due to mishaps, part availability, expense and age. Don't miss the opportunity.
  2. I really enjoy seeing things like this. You never know what you're going to find in a garage clean-out, yard sale, or junk pile. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I picked one of these imports up in the mid 90's, a 1954 SA. Was a mixture of parts which was not unexpected for what I paid. The barrel was shot out, and would keyhole targets past 50 meters. I had it as a safe queen for years until I decided to re-barrel it and make it a shooter. Two gunsmiths had a look, (one that even specialized in Garands), who tried to get it running, but could not as the receiver was just too worn out. Sold it for parts and at least broke even on it. The old barrel is a now tomato post in the garden. The Blue Sky stamp was pretty severe, as I can remember, but I
  4. @Rifleman, that's one of those Australian practice grenades...😉
  5. @digi-shots - Here is an interesting read for the Black Hills ammo - https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/special-forces-to-civilians-black-hills-mk-262-mod-1-review/99098 I may be incorrect in the timeline for the box you have being under a Navy contract, (2017), but without all the numbers, it's hard to put my finger on it.
  6. Interesting ammunition collection! All are military surplus, and seem to come from someone who appreciated long distance and accurate shooting. The 9MM and 45 Ball rounds are not hugely collectible as the dates are mid 80s manufacture and somewhat still plentiful, but they are high-quality rounds which will function nicely in your pistols. M118 7.62 rounds have been used by competition shooters and some sniper circles for a while and may have collector value there. The Black Hills 5.56 are specialty long-range ammo which may interest some collectors as well. (Navy contracted,
  7. Thanks for the replies! I am leaning toward the C97 seat - the armrests and headrest are very similar. Mine does have a perforated back, and some other differences that do give me a little hesitation as to its pedigree. The data plate states a 1/20/1950 manufacture date - so definitely within the realm of the Boeing C97. Please forgive the dust, it's the maids day off....
  8. https://www.flighthelmet.com/category/ACPE.html is a pretty good source for seat parts, FYI. Awesome seat, by the way!
  9. I was told that this came from a C97, but the jury will always be out on that one. This type of seat was used in more than one type of AC, and the numbers search from the data tag never really gave me a concrete answer. Anyway... It's my current quarantine office chair, very comfortable, and retains all the tilt and slide levers for fine-tuning. The cushions are eBay replacements, as the originals were pretty far gone. Enjoy!
  10. It appears similar to a WW1 60PDR, (or 6"), shrapnel shell. It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but it appears like the ogive is pinned to the shell body. The fuse doesn't look correct, but it may have been used after WW1. If I'm right, that shell is in great condition for its age and having been fired downrange at some point. I have one very similar to this, but its a bit pitted and scarred. .50 included for scale, but your measurements are very close to mine except for the height. This one is appx 19.5" tall with fuse.
  11. You need to find an F-80 to put under it, now! Good luck with the search!
  12. I forgot to mention, the holes in the bottom contained a tracer element so the fired round could be tracked to the target visually. These are solid steel anti-armor rounds, so the only damage they can do now is if they are dropped on your foot!
  13. I would say the larger shell is a 57mm M70 round, missing its copper driving band. The smaller shells appear to 37mm M74 rounds, also missing their copper driving bands. Probably chromed for a display "trench art" piece like a lamp or inkwell at some point.
  14. Sure is! Confederate 12 pounder, case shot. Found in the Cold Harbor area on private property.
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