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  1. Looks like it's painted the same forest green color as one of my marine lids.
  2. That's a really great (and tasteful!) display, I really like those cases, and the lighting. Did you make them yourself? Also, is there a story/identification on the that 11th Airborne Chaplain lid? I really like the look of it.
  3. I'll see if I can get a photo later today, my rather awful quality camera doesn't really pick up that much detail, but I'll try to see if I can get a good shot of the leaf's attachment.
  4. I see, Navy Insignia is typically smooth, right? Is it atypical for sailors at this time to have been using Army insignia, instead of Navy insignia?
  5. I'd agree with the $400-450 figure, that Hawley Liner is pretty seriously crushed. But, it's still a nicely painted helmet that I'm sure could be identified with some research.
  6. Here's a thread with some helmets painted the same shade of blue. My helmet lacks any numbering on the back or inside of it.
  7. I've been seeing a lot of Navy Helmets on the forum recently. So, I thought I'd contribute to the "trend" and post this lid. This was the first M1 helmet I acquired. I believe it was posted to the forum a long time ago by another user. There's a yellow (vesicant?) band painted behind the commander rank, which forms a cross meeting at the top of the helmet, and the helmet has another layer of minty (zinc?) green below the dark blue.
  8. Here's another thread on the same subject. The earliest heat stamp I know of for Schleuter is 01A. Somewhere around the early 20s would be extremely early for a McCord M1 Helmet.
  9. I hadn't thought of that before, but that makes a lot of sense as to why someone would stamp a helmet like this. I hope to research the owner of the helmet soon, maybe it'll shed some more light on the history of the helmet.
  10. Any opinions on the authenticity of the hole drilled for the EGA? Also, if original, what type of EGA should be mounted on the helmet?
  11. I'm looking for some opinions on this M1917A1, it has a hole drilled for an EGA. What's interesting to is that it has "U.S.M.C" stamped under the heat stamp of the helmet. I've never seen a helmet stamped like this before. It was really bright outside, but here's some photos in natural light, with flash. Notice the "B" scratched into the liner. It looks like someone used some type of leather treatment on the liner. The Marine's name is scratched into the helmet. Has anyone seen anything like this "USMC" helmet stamp before?
  12. It sold more for a lot more than I personally thought it was going to sell for, but maybe someone knows something I don't. It looks like it's WWII era, but you never can exactly pinpoint a date on these navy helmets without provenance, the only identification was "MAC" inked in the liner, and it had no last name. So, it would be extremely difficult to research. The only conclusion I could make for why it went so high, is the possibility that the helmet was used on D-Day, but I think that's rather unlikely. Either way, it's a really nice looking helmet, and I'm sure whoever got it will enjoy it
  13. 517th helmets had chinstraps made from (what I believe) were musette bag straps, then they had a chincup sewn onto them.
  14. I believe this is the same command car, featured in an article of Hemmings. It states that it did not meet it's reserve in the previous auction, where it was bid up to $60,000. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2017/05/08/could-this-dodge-wc57-command-car-have-been-pattons-own
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