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  1. A good cleaning should take care of it. gas piston my be sticky.
  2. I agree! it looks to be a parts helmet with a cav plume. While the scout insignia is less common that others, doesn't help the value much as one would think. S&S firearms use to sell these parts pretty cheap a dozen years ago or so. The value would seem to lie in the sum of the parts. Im not up on prices so sorry cant help there.
  3. Thanks for all your nice comments. I forgot to mention she is a 1952 M37. We have our first parade this weekend. My daughter is so excited.
  4. I finally saved up enough money for a military vehicle and talked my wife into getting on board as my birthday present. I picked up an older frame off restoration Dodge M37 Power Wagon. It has about 12K original miles and about 200 miles on rebuild drive train. She is pretty much original with 24v system, attic heater. I need to get new tires. Man those are expensive!!!! I recently took her for a 50 mile ride and she drives like a new truck but much slower. I think she is purdy.
  5. check back side of liner for marks or dates. may also be markings on the brass vent parts inside. Looks pretty good.
  6. almost looks like someone put fins on top of an artillery shell or could be a crude WWI bomb.
  7. if it is the one for $799. Way too much, however, bag harder to find than radio.
  8. I concur! I'm looking for one as well. Saw one on craigslist in PA for $400 I think.
  9. Very nice and I like the look. I got a bunch of these once from a gent who got them off US destroyers at the end of WWII when the ships were being decommissioned.
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