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  1. wow thanks so much i will go through all this info later. i think there will be more to find out as ther were of number of guys stationed in the house, we also had a general stay here in 1644 during the english civil war so lots to research and metal detect. thanks so much you are a star
  2. Hi there i am new to the forum but i am always looking at M1 helmet posts just out of general interest.i live in a very old house that was used by the US army during WW2. I know that the 9th air force were stationed at the local airfield very close to the house. Today we discovered a soldiers name carved into the lead of one of our windows W D Brown Lt Col US Army. i am fascinated by this and would like to try and find out more about this soldier. I believe the 9th airforce went from the Kingston Bagpuize airfield to D-Day but would love to find out more what is my best way to pursue th
  3. hi i'am looking for a vietnam era m1 with history, named or marked. can you let me know any good reliable sources . many thanks p
  4. hi there, do you have any m1 vietnam era helmets for sale, looking for something with history,named, or with markings thanks p
  5. Hi there i am new to this forum so hopefully i have posted this correctly. I am looking for an m1 vietnam helmet named and or with history or markings, it is to add to my collection of photos mainly from the period by in the field photographers that evoke the political situation or the life of the men on the ground. can anyone help thanks pete
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