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    The 3rd Infantry Division in ww2.<br />I collect all military items related from that unit in ETO.<br />Also, my main interest is about M-1 helmets from ETO with special mention to, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 28th, 36th and 45th IDUS.<br /><br />I love ww2 history and I've created a small website about the city of Lure (near Vosges mountains) and the 3rd IDUS.<br /><br />Happy to be with you.
  1. Thank's anyone know how what the ww2 SSI ?
  2. Hi, Is it a good ww2 transportation corps patch ??? I thank you
  3. With the pictures, it's better :
  4. Hi, For me, not "red flag", a good 3rd M1 helmet
  5. Hello, I would know what is exactly these goggles ? Are they for USSAF ? or foreign origine ? Thank you
  6. Hello, Here two ww2 liners with unknown patchs : The first : The second : I believe the second is for the 48th Engineer Bn ? Your help will be very appreciated Regards Thierry
  7. Nice set, can you make a picture of the shinstrap with the "J" hook ? It appears to be a field repair, very interesting
  8. +1 I like it, there is some great lids here !
  9. I've made a mistake, it's 7th infantry battle patrol, not 30th...
  10. Yes, here, it is 7th infantry battle patrol marking :thumbsup:
  11. Hi, in more 30 years of study about 3rd infantry division, I have never seen that use of 'follow-mee" paintings on M1 helmets. You can look at many photos, you will not find anything about it ! I'm sure on my knowledge, that's why that helmet is more interesting... :w00t:
  12. I dont say is it a fake !! The "follow- me" bar were not used on ETO by the 3rd, 36th and 45 th ID. Only the divisions which are crossed by England had adopted this "fashion", not like the divisions which are spent by the MTO (Africa/Italy) So it's why i would know what was the purpose of that white line
  13. A killer ! a great helmet, it will be good to know what means the white horizontal line at the rear ?? In the 3rd ID, officers and NCO dont use "follow mee" bars, so what is it here ??? As, 3rd IF stuff collector, I do appreciate your helmet :thumbsup:
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