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  1. Did the uniform ever have DUIs? From your photos, it looks to have 4 collar disks.
  2. IMO ... there's a number of better examples out there, without gold overspray, for a more reasonable price. This example is priced at $425 on eBay.
  3. Without provenance it's a surplus helmet with storage wear. Nothing wrong that ... it's still a good example.
  4. I wouldnt worry about the shellac. Common practice among vets. Great piece that I would have no reservations adding to my collection. Thanks for posting! Tim
  5. I guess I'm a bit different. I'm a bigger fan of the uncleaned patina.
  6. Thanks for posting. Love the camo! Tim
  7. Unless the price is cheap, Id wait for an example with less rust damage. Lots of examples in better condition, IMO.
  8. Good evening Sigsaye ... Was the patch also worn by sailors who landed cargo (AKAs)?
  9. I pick them up when I see them as well. Barclay's and Manoil's. A good deal of child labor was used back then to paint the soldiers. Many started at the factories at age 14. If you want to learn a bit about the factories, there's a good book by Richard O'Brien. I'd ignore the prices in the book, but the history about the factories is very interesting. Your soldiers are very nice condition. I'd buy them in that condition all day long at $5. Thanks for posting ... Tim
  10. Really outstanding piece of history. Thanks for posting! Tim
  11. Im a bit ashamed to admit it, but Im more concerned with the possibility of other members helping Dom with his work (as stated in his last post).
  12. Love it! Thanks for sharing! Tim
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