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  1. That is super cool. You need to market that. I’d love a set. I’d also be fascinated in hearing a more in depth summary of the process of creating a pattern and getting it translated into fabric. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Very nice Sir. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I will see if I can come up with some photographic evidence on the 2 piece. You are right about the full flight suits seeming more popular, and easier to find pictures of on Google, etc. The more I go back in my memory bank, I'm starting to think my comments above might be misleading. I feel like my comments made it seem like I had knowledge of theater wide popularity of the aviation uniforms, but in reality I can only speak to my experience. The aviation uniform thing started in our Forward Support Company (FSC) with the commander requesting approval to the Battalion CSM to allow 92F (f
  4. Interesting thought, and makes sense that it may have previously been 160th. Like I mentioned above, these uniforms were also used by ground troops conducting mounted patrols and convoy operations, but would not be standard issue. Maybe the guy bought it used at one of the endless number of surplus stores outside Ft. Bragg prior to deployment.
  5. I recently picked up a similar hat, and came across this post while researching it on Google. Sorry if it's bad form to revive this 8 year old thread, but I figured I'd share mine here too.
  6. I hope I'm not getting off topic by posting this here, but here is a modern example of Tiger Stripe used by a US Army unit. The 1st Battalion, 509th Infantry (Airborne) serves as the Opposing Forces (OPFOR) at the Army's Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC). They contracted to have a modern Tiger Stripe uniform sewn up specifically for an unconventional unit that the 1-509th replicates in the training scenario. It was done with "Tiger Stripe Products" brand material and sewn by a US government contractor in the same layout as the modern Army OCP uniform.
  7. I wanted to expand a little more on what I posted above, but guess I can't edit my post. Dudes conducting mounted patrols and convoy operations liked the aviation uniforms for their flame resistant properties. The IED threat was high and guys were suffering horrible burns following an IED blast and subsequent vehicle fire while being strapped in in full kit. Eventually the Army recognized the threat and went to flame resistant uniforms as a standard issue prior to deployments.
  8. Nice pick up. That chest rig is associated with the 82nd Airborne, and was either a contracted or unit purchased piece of kit. I believe I remember them being issued around the 2006-2009ish time frame, but that is only based on what I remember from being stationed at Ft. Bragg around that time. Those aviation uniforms and flight suits were also popular with ground troops conducting mounted and convoy operations prior to the Army wide issue of the flame resistant ACUs.
  9. Modified BDU. "Ghosting" of hip pockets, name tape, NCO rank, Airborne and Air Assault badges, and Special Forces SSI with Special Forces Tab. It is common practice for Soldiers to have "Garrison" uniforms and "Field" uniforms. Field uniforms evolve from garrison uniforms that become faded, torn, or stained, and no longer pass standards for garrison use. I believe that this uniform was at one time a garrison uniform that was later modified once it became a field uniform. Hip pockets relocated to arms and Velcro squares added. Strobe pouch sewn to right arm. Luminescent "Cats Eyes" or "R
  10. Modified BDU. Chest pockets relocated to arms with Velcro closure and Velcro on pockets and flaps. IR squares also sewn on with male Velcro strips indicating "A+" blood type used to cover IR squares when not needed. Velcro backed IR US flag patch. Hip pockets relocated to chest with Velcro added for name tapes. I found this outside Ft. Bragg.
  11. Modified BDU. Chest pockets relocated to arms with Velcro closure and large Velcro squares added. Hip pockets relocated to chest at a slight inward angle, and Velcro added for name tapes. I found this one outside Ft. Bragg.
  12. Modified DCU. Hip pockets relocated to arms, and small Velcro rectangles added. Velcro added for name tapes over chest pockets. I found this one outside Ft. Bragg.
  13. Modified DCU. Hip pockets relocated to arms and Velcro closure added. Velcro square for flag added to right arm. Velcro over chest pockets for name tapes. I found this one outside Ft. Bragg.
  14. I love this thread. Great stuff gentlemen! Here are some of mine: Well known and documented Ranger Battalion Modified DCU. I found this one outside Hunter Army Airfield.
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