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  1. I looked up the Marine. Donald R. Nance Junior. He served in the late 50s. The ribbons have been added on to the jacket as he wouldn't have earned any of them during his service. It is a very nice grouping though! I am interested in the ribbons if you decide to part with them. Good luck with your grouping and great find!
  2. Here are close up photos of the FMF patch and its stitching. I will have better photos when it arrives. Thanks again! Blake
  3. Hey! I recently purchased this dress blue uniform. I'm not sure if there is a name yet as I am waiting for it to be delivered. My question is, has anyone seen a Tractor/Tank Battalion Marine's dress blues before? If so please post the photos you have. I am looking for photos of both blues in your collection and old photos of Marines wearing them with the Tractor/Tank Battalion patch. I will try to attach photos below. Thank you! Blake
  4. Hey everyone! I recieved this jacket belonging to Harry T. Watts, 4th Defence battalion, Pearl Harbor. This uniform is a lot darker than any of my other uniforms. Does anyone know why? It's dated 42-43 Quartermaster Depot US Marine Corps. I will get better photos later in the week. Thanks!
  5. There are no holes where a 3rd star would have been. The back of the ribbons are stitched together and there is no access to add not remove a star. I am going to get his file soon. I know someone who can get it for $40 which isn't bad.
  6. I snatched it up as soon as I saw it. For $225 I had to get it. I've been wanting one as well. I'm hoping the ribbons are original to him. I'm going to get his files soon hopefully.
  7. I appreciate everyone's help in regards to the patch! I had no clue about the variations. I am going to try and get this marines file to see where he was in the 2 year gap in the muster rolls. Can anyone find the missing musters or can anyone find any more information about him?
  8. What about the highly detailed stars on the ribbon bar? Is there a guide to 1st Marine Division patches?
  9. Is it Australian made? Someone told me it's a common US made one. I have no clue but you are the second to suggest Australian.
  10. Today I recieved the dress blues worn by Mr. Elijah R. Gardner. I have no been able to find much research except that he was a cook and was in the replacement draft in April 1945 where he was sent to the 1st Marine Division. Sometime between then and January 1946 he became sick and was at several field hospitals. This uniform has his name stamped all over it. There is a place on one of the pockets of the pants with numbers and another name possibly. I can not make it out. Also, I have not seen a 1st marine division patch like this nor have I seen stars on a ribbon bar this detailed.
  11. I just recieved this uniform today. It was my dream to own a 1st Marine Division dress blues.
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