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  1. Dustin, Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer, that is why this forum is such a good help. I bought this piece of gum for 15 euros, in my opinion a bargain because in Europe prices can go up to 40 euros.
  2. I recently bought a piece of Juicy Fruit gum. What I understood is after WW II ended the wrapper was replaced by one with a bright yellow backround and juicy fruit bracketed between 2 chevrons. I also read that Juicy fruit was taken off the civilian market temporarily during WW II, but was still produced to be included in rations, is that correct? What puzzles me is the aluminum inner wrapper, because I learned that during the war de inner wrapper was made of red paper (until 1946), but in the G.I. Collectors Guide volume 2 I read that from februari 1944 the aluminum inner wrappe
  3. A very informing topic, because I recently bought this HBT Jacket OD7 special with plastic buttons, a version you don't see quite often. So that's why a was a little in doubt wether it was a regular issued jacket.
  4. After a year I eventually manage to upload the pictures of my OD-7 dispatch case. It still wonders me that this collor is used that early.
  5. recently I bought a nice pair of sevice boots composition sole (type II), dated 1942 and a size 9. That will fit perfectly on a mannequin.
  6. Sunday 27 October was the big militaria fair in Ciney Belgium. It's great to stroll around and find interesting things. These things I can add to my collection:
  7. WOW King802 that is a very nice bottle of beer. Me is advised NOT to drink the beer. I think it would taste awfull after 70+ years..
  8. Latest addition to my collection, bought at the military fair in La Gleize The Ardennes Belgium (there where Kampfgruppe Peiper found its defeat). On 10 June I did some metaldetecting in the Elzas area where the 94 Infantry Division fought, although I found some fasteners and eyes from an ammobelt, this Meatcan lid (Model M-1918 I think) was a big suprise. It even has an inscription with the name Betlock or Beilock with a Laundrynumber. But untill now no matches.
  9. At the recently held militaria fair in Ciney, I bought this amazing beer botle. Still closed and filled with beer. This is one of the beers the GI's drank in the Rest Centers. The Rest Centers were spread out in the region I live in, so was Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade the Netherlands a well-know Rest Center (and there is some footage of it).
  10. I have recently bought a canvas case dispatch m1938 made by American Leather Products Corp and dated 1942. The colour in my opinion is OD7, but untill 1944 they were made in OD3. Maybe the colour has changed over the years into a more greenisch tint. Unfortunately I can't upload the fotos at this moment, but I will upload them asap.
  11. This looks like a still-life painting to me
  12. These personal items are so interesting
  13. 5 March I did some metal-detecting in the Hürtgenwald and dug up this 81 mm Mortar ammobox. A lot of things are still lying on the surface. the ammo box was buried pretty deep and this not the only one. There was an other one next to it and they are al over the place. Dug up in the area where 22 Inf Reg (4th inf div) saw a lot of action.
  14. Did I forget to mention that I'm still in active service (Army)..... And did several tours to Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali. Best job ever had :-)
  15. Metal-detecting can be dangerous, even after 70 years there is al lot of unexploded ammo in the ground. And of course a lot of a other small interesting relics. Found at the location where Lt. Holloway lost his life. reference: http://www.miaproject.net/mia-search-recoveries/lieutenant-holloway/ A recent foxhole find ivo Berg en Dal (dug up by a friend). A full garand clip.
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