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    Arnhem 1944, Theirs is the Glory, Horsa gliders, missing soldiers in the Netherlands
  1. US missing topic updated, Waiting for some more IDPFs to add more info, but hard to find.
  2. I am missing a few MARCs of planes crashed in the Netherlands, anyone can help out: 304 1066 2673 2749 3557 3633 4963 5921 9345 9638 12622 12626 16006 16349 378a Thanks in advance
  3. Part of The Polish Landing Zone between Wolfheze and oosterbeek Blue= Flak positions puy in after the Battle. Orange= burned remains of the gliders. Yellow+ have not marked them all but they are supply parachutes from British supplies from 18-20 September Red= only 3 left, but they are flight and wind direction panels laid down by 21st Indepent Parachute Company, to mark the Landingzone on 17/18th.
  4. I didn't say tjat Tice landed their, I did mention that the Polish Parachute Brigade landed in these days and on these locations.
  5. The Polish soldier already landed on earlier on the 17th/18th/19th, at Wolfheze/Papendal area. Liaison offficers, and Anti tank Battery.
  6. My Polish Para helmet of 3rd Parachute Battalion, found in the Garden of Kate Ter Horst.
  7. Be sure they are acid-free, this way it will stay in good condition and will not stick to the plastic.
  8. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/verzamelen/militaria-tweede-wereldoorlog/m1364267077-us-ww2-grouping-soldaat-29th-division.html?c=be2da871b0d84f75c3056cc6db858f31&previousPage=lr It on a Dutch Marktplaats (Market Place, they are asking 50 euro for it.
  9. Welcome from the Netherlands, did a lot of detecting in the Arnhem area.
  10. Thnks for the comment, wish I was able to show more, but when I started British Airborne (Arnhem) was closer by. the guy from the above stuff, John Walsh I met him when I was in Groesbeek, museum, and I took him to the commemonrations at Arnhem/Oosterbeek, the British found it most interesting that he come to the area, and the 2 times that he was there, they made him welcome, he even had a long talk with Major John Frost.
  11. don't have much US airborne items, these belonged to a good friend on mine from Maine, whom visited us a few times, and whom I stayed with for some weeks in Maine
  12. Any has an idea if the British Body Armour MRC, also was handed out/used by US forces
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