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  1. We just posted a large number of great new items - Many good 8th AIR FORCE Uniform, document & photo groupings, several nice Air Corps photo albums, an amazing WWII SAAF Observer grouping with medals, logbook & photo album, Silver Star winner uniform, US WWII FIGHTER ACE Document & photo Grouping with great Vietnam content, medal & document grouping, Concentration Camp related photos, a D-DAY Omaha Beach Trunk Group with original invasion map, KIA WWII 82nd Airborne Purple Heart grouping, and more. http://historical-media.com Kind regards Rick
  2. We just launched our latest update. You can find many nice uniform groupings, photo albums, document groupings and more! Kind regards Rick http://historical-media.com
  3. Hi Jeff - I tried but the contact person with the Bomb Group says he has never seen it or has any record of it Thanks Rick
  4. Hi Bob - that is great info! many thanks for it! I also had no clue about the MG count representing the squadron number!!! Fantastic Thanks again! Rick
  5. Hi Bob - BINGO! that's it. May I ask what the reference you posted is? It is interesting that the BG website doesn't show this...but it is one of the less extensive ones. Much appreciated! Rick
  6. Thanks for the replies - I searched on the 568th and looks like a totally different patch. Is this what you were thinking of?
  7. This squadron patch came with the estate of an 825th BS veteran. however, I can't find any reference that shows this being a 484th Bomb Group patch. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Rick
  8. We are offering a LARGE number of WWII USAAF POW & EVADER Groupings today! You don't want to miss these! There will also be many excellent OFFICIALLY ENGRAVED MEDALS on today's updates including - Purple Hearts, Air Medals, groupings with extensive content and more! Also available are many affordable small photo groupings, some DEALER'S LOTS, a rare US GI collection of of photos he took during the LIBERATION OF BUCHENWALD Concentration Camp, and much more! Don't miss it! http://historical-media.com Thanks Rick
  9. This will be a very high quality update. I will be offing an amazing STURMGESCHUTZ album from my private collection! We will have a large number of US WWII 8th Air Force photo albums & groupings - more than we have ever offered on one update! Also you will find a great 34th Division officer uniform grouping with a great DIARY with combat content from Italy, a four-album grouping to a US GI with nice MONTE CASSINO photos, a super rare and historically important US Regimental Commander document grouping to a TRIPLE DSC winner & also awarded the British DSO (!!), an amazing 29th Division
  10. We have just posted a very nice update with many great US and German groupings including two top notch Silver Star groups. Also, very nice 8th AF items. Have a look! historical-media.com Kind regards Rick
  11. ...I had someone bidding for me live while I was on the phone with them...not through the auction house phones.
  12. It was sold at this auction on New Year's Eve. I was bidding on it too. It was up for sale at the SOS as well, with a "Band of Brothers" graphic sign ... which which was a bit funny considering he was 501st not 506th http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=1617422
  13. This will be a fantastic update today with many top notch items! We will have a number of super Allied WWII items today, as well. We are pleased to offer a US WWII Submarine Commander grouping - 2x Silver Star and 2x Navy Cross Winner!! a 17th Airborne uniform and medal grouping, two super RAF medal & Logbook groups - BoB & BEF!, several very nice 8th Air Force Bomber photo albums with super mission content & award citations, diary of a crew member of the US Aircraft Carrier Belleau Wood, two super French Foreign Legion album & medal groups, a TOP Jagdgeschwader 53 photo albu
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