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  1. Need help on unit and time period. Does not glow under blacklight. Thanks for any help you can give. front
  2. That is the name the owner of the shop told me. He had some paper work to go with it so I am pretty sure that was the correct name.
  3. The shop was in East Tennessee, I was just passing through on my way home. I have the shop's address and number. Jerry
  4. Hello, I was in an antique shop yesterday and they had just had some medals that were taken by thieves. A signed Purple Heart, signed Bronze Star and signed Good Conduct medal all named to Everett Kincaid were among the medals taken. If you happen to come across them drop me a line and I will inform the shop owner. Regards , Jerry
  5. Hello, Anyone recognize the marking on this helmet. The helmet is a fixed bail, front seam, heat marked 67E. Thanks Jerry
  6. rotated 90 degrees at the request of a group member
  7. Any idea as to the time period? ww2 or post war? Jerry
  8. Hello, I am looking for an ID on this patch. Thanks, Jerry
  9. Pictures now in latest find section. Thanks Ski and LuftStalg1
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