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    seizing the day, learning, connecting the past to the present, preserving family history.
  1. whoops I read your post wrong. I'm sure some are real but I see more Brand new ones than used ones.
  2. Different domestic sellers. What was wrong with it?
  3. I've noticed a massive increase of vietnam era poncho liners on a certain auction website. At first, I dismissed it. Now i'm noticing a new listing every day, when before i'd see one or two a month in varying conditions. All of these recent liners are pretty much mint, which strikes me as odd. I have a hard time believing their authenticity, and a much easier time believing somebody thought it'd be a good scheme to have some warehouse in china reproduce them. They sell for 3X the price of modern reproduction liners, so the motivation is apparent.
  4. Yep, it does have a center seam. the second photo shows it a bit
  5. I was lucky to pick this up the other day. It could have been made last year if you judge by its' condition. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the contract number. Pretty sure 1968 was the last year the NSN wasn't printed with the DSA(later changed to DLA post war). I was unsure when I saw the ties since I've never seen these in person, but after looking at other photos i'm thinking the ties without the laminated ends were only attached to the earliest versions.
  6. Nice find. They practically gave it away @ $20. People pay a lot of money for old MRE's. Checkout that guy on youtube who eats MRE's from the vietnam war and reviews them like they're 5-course meals. He's eaten MRE's from the korean war and ww2 as well. Not sure how he's still alive.
  7. I think this DLA # is from 1968 if i'm reading it right. Can anyone confirm?
  8. I was ready to buy a bunch of poncho liners yesterday through an auction, but it ended up selling for 4X more than I was willing to spend. After doing the math, whoever bought them paid $49 per for used surplus poncho liners. I believe they cost 37 and some change brand new to replace through the usmc, but i'm wondering if they can be purchased now days at the exchange or elsewhere? I'm only interested in the MARPAT liners, ACU seems to be readily available.
  9. Me too! Dumbest thing i've done in a long time. I hope this thread helps someone in the future, and feel free to send me a PM.
  10. Thanks brother, next time i'll work this stuff out before placing a bid. Haha.
  11. Well, because of my relatively small lot(only weighs 17 pounds and fits in a single box),the warehouse actually did me a huge favor and boxed the 14 liners for me. I'm going to pre-pay shipping, schedule a pickup, and they'll send it off. Saved me from spending ~$40/each on used poncho liners. Instead, after all costs, the final price per will amount to $24.65. Still cheaper than eBay, but not by much. Very relieved to not just be throwing money away, lesson learned. I may sell the new ones to try and recover some of the costs. I like them when they're broken in a little bit anyways.
  12. An update- After some brainstorming, I did a few things. I posted an ad on the local craigslist in the gigs section(costs money now which I found strange). By morning I had no less than 10 replies, but CL is a last resort so that is in my back pocket. I was also right about the shipping cost through the "referred courier", it far exceeded the cost of the item. I started looking at local courier services and struck out a few times before finally finding somebody that actually does that exact service i'm seeking. They're asking a fraction of what the other guys were(1/6), and it was extremely re
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