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  1. Thanks a lot ! Great website ! Here's the one I've ! It says : first dissemination by aircraft on D.Day, last dissemination by aircraft : on D.Day +1 https://www.psywar.org/product_1944ZF004.php By the way, this website will help me to find some other documents, .next purchase will probably be an original copy of the ones disseminated by the USAAF over the last german resistance points in Cherbourg to obtain their surrender.
  2. I've recently purchased 2 copies of this flyer launched on Caen by the USAAF on 6th and 7th of June -1944 before the bombings by the 8th USAAF. Unfortunately, time has done his work and they're not in a nice condition but they stay nice pieces of D-Day history I'm happy to share on the forum.
  3. EBay can be a goldmine sometimes, if you're Lucky enough to be the one and only bidder. I recently bought a 101st AB type 7 ( pics are posted here for ID help) for the starting price of 29 euros , according to current exchange rate it is a little bit more than 32 USD. To be honnest, I've been very surprised to get it at this bargain price.....my lucky day of the year I suppose..
  4. Hello everybody Got that one on EBay last week, just one bid, and I was the only one so it was the winning bid. I've been searching the net, including M.Bando's website but couldn't find a patch that really looked like that one. For me it has some type 7 signs ( crimped beak) but i'm not sure....really not sure ! Thanks to the ones who will help !
  5. Hello The book is available from Amazon.fr : https://www.amazon.fr/101st-airborne-%C3%A9cussons-Kevin-Delaitre/dp/2912994659/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= or EBay : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/NEW-101ST-AIRBORNE-PATCH-BOOK-COVERING-ALL-KNOWN-TYPES-HANDY-REFERENCE/113846368741?hash=item1a81c5b9e5:g:xcIAAOSwgjddSr5P I suppose that if you do a Google search, you'll also find it on french militaria websites
  6. Thanks for sharing pics of genuine ones . The poor copies from this UK seller went for over 450 bucks, what a shame ! I'm really glad to know this forum where there's always somebody to help and provide détails, big thanks to all of you. I'm Learning a lot from here.
  7. Thanks for your opinions. Exactly what I suspected. One day left and already 200 USD !
  8. I just came across these ones on EBay and even if I'm not a long time collector, it sounds to me like cheap reproductions. It doesn't look like the ones on Mark Bando's website. Your opinions are welcome ! Thanks ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/X2-English-Theatre-made-ww2-rare-101st-airborne-screaming-eagle-cloth-patches/312679045691?hash=item48cd1f9a3b:g:YjwAAOSwNCtdF9S7
  9. Too bad you couldn't visit in Normandy all the places you wanted to and I'm really disappointed for you. Since the 2015 terrorists attacks here in France, we're on a permanent high level of security for any public event and of course it is more extended when you have political figures on the sites. We even had a terrorist attack in Lyon on May 24th, that explains why security was so tight for the D-Day 75th célébrations.
  10. Wow ! Stunning ! Thanks for sharing !
  11. I think that Mark Bando's website can help..I'm new in collecting patches, but what I've learned from the experts on the board, is that "greenback" patches are WW2 for sure. http://www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html
  12. Thank you guys for your precious help ! I'm glad to know that it's a WW2 original !
  13. Thanks a lot for the responses ! Here are more pics from both bails, straps, and a clearer one of number stamped :
  14. Hi everybody ! I recently bought this M1 shell more or less 100 USD ( according to current exchange rate) and would like to know what are your thoughts about it ? I'ts marked 617A Inside, fixed bails, and front seam...genuine WW2 or not ?? Thanks !
  15. I've seen it on Amazon.fr for 20 euros + shipment.....I suppose that they ship oversea as well.
  16. Just checked Mark Bando's website....the author who didn't pay credit, is another one for another book untitled " l'épopée de la 101st airborne" and that doesn't focus on patches. So the one from Kevin Delaitre must be OK. Mark Bando even wrote the introduction. Hope this helps !
  17. Hello ! Mark Bando's book " eagle patch guide" is unfidable nowadays, but a french guy called Kevin Delaitre has written another one, easy to find. I guess that the author is the guy Mark Bando is talking about when he says that his photos were used without giving him credit. I must admit it's unfair and disrespectful...anyway...here's the stuff....can be found on EBay or Amazon I suppose. I'ts both English and french language and may be an alternative solution if you don't find a copy of M.B's one.
  18. A nice one, I found on the net a couple of years ago : 70th ID, 275th regiment in Grossbliederstroff, February 1945, ( Moselle department, East of France....nowadays a french town at French/German frontier....back in the days a german town)
  19. My 2 cents to this topic.....I have some other greenback SSI but they have already been posted here....didn't see these 2 ones : 2nd Armored division and 3rd Army
  20. Thanks for giving your opinion Matt ! I've not became an expert in 2 days, but I came across an old topic here, and this type 7 greenback looks pretty similar to my blackback patch...the photo is bigger in the original topic, but I can't post the link to it.
  21. Thanks for the reply Teamski and Allan....that would mean that it is not a WW2 type 7 ( as I bought it for).....I'm learning the hard way...I guess it's the same for all beginners !
  22. Hello guys ! I have this 101st Airborne type 7 black back patch ( no reason to believe it's a fake because I bought it from a reputable american seller) but I have noticed some differences between mine and others type 7 I've seen on the web ( even the one on Mark Bando's website) 1/ Even if residue doesn't help, it seems to have much less black threads on the back ( eagle's head and tab) than on others black back 2/ There's a big space between the " E" and the border of the tab, so " AIRBORNE" is not really centered 3/ The eagle's beak crimp is much less pronounced on mine than on others type 7 I've seen What's your opinion ? Factory error ?? Détails varying from a patch to another ??
  23. Thanks for the help Teamski ! Unfortunately the return threads are black on the black field, so it looks like what I was fearing : not a genuine WW2 patch.
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